2022 Chevy Trail Boss Suspension Upgrade | Timbren Helper Springs


2022 Chevy 1500 Trail Boss with Timbren SES suspension

New Timbren SES kit fits 2022 Chevy Trail Boss

Timbren Industries recently introduced a new Timbren SES rear suspension upgrade that fits Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Trail Boss, making this off-road-ready truck ready for the long haul. This new part number mounts to the frame using existing holes. 

Each laser-cut piece of steel is precision bent and powder-coated to ensure a quality fit. We’ve engineered our hollow rubber springs to deliver a progressive spring rate. In other words, the more weight that pushes down on the rubber springs the harder they work to prevent rear-end sag.

Every Timbren zero-maintenance upgrade prevents sag, reduces sway, and enhances ride quality loaded or unloaded. GMRS15 comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Timbren SES rubber helper springs for 2022 Chevy 1500 Trail Boss

The Bullet Proof Suspension Upgrade

Timbren SES is the Bulletproof Suspension Upgrade for hauling and towing. They are more reliable than the most popular airbag systems available and sturdier than other helper spring brands. At Timbren, our commitment to quality has delivered the best helper spring suspension upgrade on the market and with their progressive spring rate, the harder your load pushes down on the spring, the harder the rubber helper springs push back. Experience the ultimate in load leveling and support with Timbren SES.