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Silent-Ride Trailer Suspension

Tow your toughest loads without sacrificing ride quality.

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An Air-Like Ride Quality. But Without The Air Bag Price Or Maintenance.

Our Silent-Ride trailer suspension is a robust upgrade that far outperforms what a traditional torsion axle or leaf spring offers.

As the most equalized trailer suspension on the market, its unique design — a walking beam riding on a single pivot point — means an equal load on all tires at all times. This makes for an air-like ride quality: smooth and silent, even under the heaviest of trailer loads. But without the high price or demanding maintenance requirements of an air bag suspension.

The Silent-Ride trailer suspension is a DIY install, either as a single or tandem axle configuration.

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Our fully equalizing suspension means an equal load distributed across all tires, at all times.

I have just purchased the Silent Ride suspension for my boat trailer. The change is amazing: more smoothness, quietness, and control. The trailer pulls evenly with no swaying or jerking. As a result, I feel much safer on the road.

Jack H.

Made For Heavy Hauls

Low Ride Height for Maximum Stability

With less than a 15 inch ride height from frame to ground, the lower center of gravity allows for maximum stability and control.

Reduced Road Shock

When tested against leaf springs and rubber torsion axle systems, Silent-Ride outperforms in reducing road shock, creating a superior ride quality.

Durable Under Any Conditions

Put to the test in the harsh climates of Australia and Canada, our Silent-Ride suspension is strong and durable under any conditions.

Build Flexibility

With more options for axles (straight or 6 inch drop), brakes, and hubs to accommodate larger tires and brakes, you have more creative flexibility with your custom or retrofitted rigs.

Easy Installation

Hangars are pre-drilled. Axles are pre-cambered. Hubs and brakes are pre-assembled to the axle. Axles are pre-assembled to the suspension. For an easy, quick installation to your custom build or retrofitted trailer.

Replaceable Axles

Unlike torsion axles, all parts of our Silent-Ride suspensions are replaceable.

Zero Maintenance

You read that right: no maintenance. Once installed, you can forget about ‘em.

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