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Timbren SES Spacer Kits

Drive a lifted truck? Our spacer kits enable your Timbren SES kit to properly level your load.

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Haul and tow with your lifted truck

Our SES kits are designed to work on vehicles with factory ride height. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still haul and tow with confidence in your lifted truck.

How? Our Timbren SES spacer kits reduce the gap between the Aeon® rubber spring of our SES kits and the increased distance between your lifted pickup’s frame and rear axle.

That means your lifted truck can still benefit from the smooth, level ride — loaded or unloaded — that our SES kits offer.

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See our spacer kits in action

See How Spacer Kits Improve Towing Performance

Spacer kits, paired with a Timbren SES kit, keep your lifted vehicle leveled when towing and hauling.

Install Your Spacer Kit in Less Than 30 Minutes

Enjoy an easy, DIY installation using just a few simple tools.

I have a lifted application that I take on fly fishing trips, hit the trails and go camping with. I was having trouble with the rear shocks bottoming out. It felt horrible every single time. I was recommended Timbren Active Offroad Bumpstops along with these Spacer Kits for lifted applications. It totally changed the way my shocks bottom out. It softens it up, it saves your shocks. I would highly recommend this.

Corey Peck

A Smooth Towing & Hauling Experience

Adapts Timbren SES Kits to your Lifted Truck

With a lifted truck, rear squat can still occur, even with a Timbren SES kit installed. Our spacer kits fill in this gap, enabling your Timbren SES kit to properly reduce sag, sway, and roll.

Fully Adjustable to Achieve Desired Ride Height

Each spacer kit comes with two 1 inch and two ½ inch spacers along with all the necessary hardware — allowing you to mix and match the spacers to achieve desired ride height.

Easy Installation

Our spacer kits offer an easy DIY installation, using just a few common tools.

Zero Maintenance

Once your spacer kit is installed, your job is done. No need for any other maintenance.

Responsive Customer Service

What if when you rang, a real human answered the phone? Our customer service line connects you directly to a person who’s ready to help you. We also offer email and chat support.

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