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Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

Go off-road with your trailer or camper without worrying about axle hang-ups.

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Go anywhere. Tow anywhere.

Go off-the-grid with your camper. Tow your ATV trailer to remote trails. Take your custom rig on that overland trek.

Our Axle-Less trailer suspensions let you tow anywhere you go. With no through axle to cause hang ups, you’ll experience exceptional ground clearance. And as an independent trailer suspension, you’ll maintain maximum control of your rig, even over rough off-road terrain.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a durable suspension for your custom rig. With no need to worry about correct axle fit, our Axle-Less suspension is flexible enough for any build.

Featuring two patented Aeon® rubber springs and a metal control arm, you’ll enjoy a smooth, quiet ride — whether down the highway or on the trails.

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Axle-Less Trailer Suspension Overview

The go to for off-road, landscape, utility and overland trailers!

A Straightforward Installation: How to Install Axle-Less Trailer Suspension Yourself

Install your Axle-Less suspension in a few simple steps, with just a few tools you already have on hand.

How to Choose the Right Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

Whether building a custom rig or retrofitting an existing trailer, here’s how to pick the right Axle-Less suspension.

See Our Suspension Go Off-Road

Stay in control of your tow no matter what obstacles you encounter.

Why Axle-Less Suspensions Are the Perfect Fit For Your Utility Trailer

Axle-less suspensions aren’t only for off-roading. Enjoy a smooth, quiet ride for your utility trailer, too.

From off-roading in our 4Runners to towing a trailer with us on the trail we have looked no further then Timbren for both our rigs and our trailers. Active Off-Road Bumpstops on our rigs & Axle-Less Off-Road Trailer Suspension for our trailers. Ride quality, off-road capability, clearance and we could keep going. Thrilled with our Timbren products from the start!


Smooth towing, on and off-road

Maximum Ground Clearance

With no through axle to cause hangups, you maintain maximum ground clearance over rough terrain.

Ultimate Off-Road Control

As an independent trailer suspension, you stay in control of your rig.

Smooth, Quiet Ride

Stop the hop. Axle-Less trailer suspensions feature two Aeon® rubber springs, one for jounce and one for rebound, allowing for a quiet, smooth ride — on and off-road.

Flexible Enough for Custom Builds

Building your own rig or retrofitting an existing one? No need to find an axle that fits. Our Axle-Less trailer suspensions are flexible options for your custom build.

Heavy Duty

Rack up those miles. These are tough enough for any off-road trek.

DIY Installation

The precision-cut hanger allows for straight-forward, bolt-on installation.

Better than Torsion, Leaf Spring & Trailing Arm

Axle-Less trailer suspensions are a leader in the industry for a reason — more than one reason, actually.

Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

Torsion Suspension

Leaf Spring Suspension

Trailing Arm Style Suspension






Requires Axle





Improved Ride Quality


Off-Road Capable

Maximum Ground Clearance

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Shop Axle-Less trailer suspensions or learn more about our Active Off-Road Bumpstops and Aeon® spring technology.

Need a more robust trailer suspension upgrade?

Tow your toughest loads without sacrificing ride quality with our Silent-Ride trailer suspension.

As the most equalized trailer suspension on the market, its unique design means an equal load on all tires at all times. This makes for an air-like ride quality: smooth and silent, even under the heaviest of trailer loads.

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