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STi Air Ride Trailer Suspension

Enjoy ultimate handling and ride quality with our completely custom trailer suspension.

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Experience superior handling & a soft, stable ride with our completely custom trailer suspension

Enjoy a soft, stable ride on a durable suspension with the STi Air Ride trailer suspension. Featuring a fully independent wheel design, this suspension offers you superior handling and ride control.

STi Air Ride is a completely custom-built application — perfect for unique trailer designs that won’t work with standard solutions, certain fragile cargo like horse trailers, or trailers needing heavier payload capacity.

Need more space for cargo? You’ll love the Cargo-Max system. This patented brake and rim design gives more room between the wheel wells, allowing you extra cargo space.

Wait, did you say air?

Did “air ride” make you do a double take? We get it. Many of our Timbren product lines for vehicles and trailers serve as air bag alternatives — relying instead on the power of our Aeon® rubber spring technology to create safe, stable rides for towing and hauling.

But some hauls call for an air ride system. Like when you’re towing fragile cargo.

The addition of air components makes for a stronger, more durable system, creating a smoother ride for your weightier applications.

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See how the STi Air Ride trailer suspension operates on the road.

What an improvement. Can’t say enough about it. Makes the whole rig run better.

Steve C. (Sundry Racing)


Custom Design

As a completely custom design, there’s no need to worry about ill-fitting components that don’t match your existing trailer.

Superior Ride Control

The patented technology of STi’s independent suspension delivers superior ride control, side-to-side load leveling, and axle-to-axle load distribution.

More Cargo Space

Increase the interior cargo space with Cargo-Max. STi’s patented brake and rim design allows more space between the interior fender wells of the trailer.

Constant Ride Height

Enjoy the same level ride, no matter your changing cargo loads. The combination of height control valves and consistent PSI in the air springs ensures a constant ride height.

7,000 – 12,000 lb capacity

Tow heavy loads with the 7,000 – 12,000 lb capacity of STi.

Improves Tire, Wheel & Bearing Life

Rigid axle suspensions can cause uneven tire wear. When one wheel bounces, the entire axle tilts, causing the opposite wheel to lean inward or outward, leading to more wear. However, wheels of an independent suspension system, like STi, maintain better contact on uneven surfaces, allowing for more even tire wear and longer tire, wheel, and bearing life.

Need a suspension suited for towing fragile cargo?

When you’re towing fragile cargo, like horses or electronic equipment, you need the smoothest ride possible.

As the strongest air ride system on the market, the Dakota Air trailer suspension offers ultra smooth ride quality, while its durable design matches the extreme demands of a construction trailer.

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As a custom trailer suspension, there is generally a 4 – 6 week turnaround from when the order is placed to when you will receive your order.