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Dakota Air Trailer Suspension

Keep your fragile cargo safe with our custom air-ride towing solution for trailers.

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Protect fragile cargo with an ultra smooth ride

When you’re towing fragile cargo, like horses or electronic equipment, you need the smoothest ride possible.

As the strongest air ride system on the market, the Dakota Air trailer suspension offers ultra smooth ride quality, while its durable design matches the extreme demands of a construction trailer.

Dakota Air trailer suspension is a custom solution designed to work with existing trailer axles as a retrofit option on trailers that use a traditional leaf spring — or similar — setup.

Wait, did you say air?

Did “air ride” make you do a double take? We get it. Many of our Timbren product lines for vehicles and trailers serve as air bag alternatives — relying instead on the power of our Aeon® rubber spring technology to create safe, stable rides for towing and hauling.

But some hauls call for an air ride system. Like when you’re towing fragile cargo.

The addition of air components makes for a stronger, more durable system, creating a smoother ride for your weightier applications.

Lowering deck for my horse to walk through makes a big difference.

John S.


Durable Construction

The Dakota Air suspension includes a straight axle along with single-convoluted, low-frequency air springs that can handle bigger loads. Internal rubber bump stops add extra protection.

Ultra Smooth Ride Quality

Performance-tuned shock absorbers and internal rubber bushings ensure a smooth ride for your heavy, fragile loads.

Increased Roll Stability

Dakota Air suspensions come equipped with heavy-duty trailing arms for added roll stability. Suspension options also include a drop axle, increasing overall trailer stability.

Easy Loading & Unloading

The air-dump option lowers the trailer deck for easy loading and unloading.

Maximum Floor Utilization

The 100% under-frame design allows for maximum floor utilization.

5,200 lb – 10,000 lb capacity

With a capacity of 5,200 – 10,000 lbs, you can tow your loads with confidence.

Need a completely customized trailer suspension?

Our STi Air Ride is a completely custom build application, featuring a fully independent wheel design to offer you superior handling and ride control.

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