Timbren SES

Suspension Enhancement System


Suspension sag when you hook up your trailer or load up your vehicle? We've got your back.

Timbren SES and it's patented Aeon® spring technology are packed with a progressive spring rate that eliminates suspension sag and makes towing safer and stress free. The best part? It does all that while improving the way your vehicle feels and handles.

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Product made a huge difference when towing my travel trailer. Installation was very easy took about 30 minutes. Definitely worth the money!

Lawrence S

Amazing product! Unlike air bags, when weight isn't on the backend of the truck the system is completely disengaged and rides like normal. Once weight is added its engaged and assisting the load for you! Awesome product and awesome customer service!


Have a set of those on my Xterra for about 5 years by now. Ordered one more for my wife’s PRO4X. Worth every penny. No more hard landings on the axle when truck is loaded on a bumpy roads.

Volodymyr B

What are timbren SES kits & how do they work?

Better Than Air, Metal & Foam

Eliminate Suspension Sag

With patented Aeon® spring technology, Timbren SES kits not only eliminate suspension sag but improve ride quality every time you tow & haul.

Stability Control

Improved stability gives you confidence behind the wheel and peace of mind safety on the road.

Zero Maintenance

No need to run air lines, check pressure, or watch for leaks. With Timbren SES kits, you can set ‘em and forget ‘em.

30-Min DIY Install

Can be installed in your driveway with basic tools and skills. Go from install to haul in less than 30-mins.

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, we want to fix that. If our team can’t find a solution for you, you can return your Timbren product for a refund within the first 100 days of purchase.

No B.S. Lifetime Warranty

Our Timbren SES kits are built to last. We back this up with our No B.S. Lifetime Warranty. We've got your back as long as you own that vehicle.

See How we compare with Airbags

Timbren SES





Rated Capacity

8,600 lbs

5,000 lbs

Progressive Spring Rate


Improved Ride Quality


No Additional Parts Needed

Lifetime Warranty

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Shop our Timbren SES kits or learn more about our SES Spacer Kits and Aeon® spring technology.

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