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Timbren SES & Spacer Kits

Remove the rubber spacer supplied in the assembly. If you have already done this or if there is no spacer in the kit then take the vehicle out for a test drive. Often with a vehicle having a partial load, or a vehicle having an older suspension, the rubber spring may be in contact with the axle with no adverse ride quality.

If ride quality is poor, contact our customer service team.

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If you have installed the Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) and find that the vehicle ride quality is poor when empty, measure the gap between the rubber spring and the axle.

Please refer to the question directly above for further details and solutions.

Here are 8 ways to compare a Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System to an air bag helper spring system:

  1. Ride Quality: Timbren SES helper springs deliver a softer ride empty and loaded — especially with extra-heavy loads. Air bags need to constantly have air in them means they are taking away from the factory ride.
  2. Stability: Timbren SES suspension enhancement systems eliminate roll and sway — even with the heaviest loads while delivering smooth ride quality. In order for air bags to do the same they need to be pumped up to their limit which delivers an aggressively stiff ride.
  3. Reliability: Timbren SES upgrades are made to last — they will never start leaking air because there is no compressed air. Air bags can fail, leak and develop small punctures which renders them useless.
  4. Ease of use: Timbren SES helper springs require zero maintenance. Air bag helper spring systems require routine maintenance to make sure everything is operating correctly.
  5. Ease of installation: Timbren SES is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution that take less than an hour to install and in most cases less than 30 minutes.
  6. Price: The installed price of a Timbren SES helper spring solution is less than half the installed price of an air bag system.
  7. Warranty: SES upgrades come with the best warranty in the industry.
  8. 100-Day Money Back Guarantee: The best money back guarantee in the helper spring market.

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Top-heavy loads that require maximum stability, like truck campers or salt spreaders, require the severe service kit upgrade. All other hauling and towing situations are covered by our classic Timbren SES kits.

Ideally, you want to adjust the rubber spring assembly to a gap of about 1 inch. In most cases this can be done with a spacer included in the kit. If you have already installed everything included with the kit, and you still have too much gap, contact our customer service team, we likely have a solution.

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The real question you seem to be asking is ‘Will this give me a rough ride?” The product’s progressive spring rate provides superb ride quality with any load. Also – when cornering, swerving or in high wind situations, the improved stability offers great performance and peace of mind.

Not at all.

Primarily, the total weight of the vehicle normally contacts the axle at a point under the leaf springs. The rubber spring, however, contacts the axle at a secondary point of contact. By adding a secondary point of contact we are reducing the stress at the original point and are spreading out the load to 4 points of contact on the axles instead of 2.

Furthermore, the progressive spring rate provides a soft uptake of the load rather than the sudden stop of a solid bump stop, providing a good ride with reduced stress.

A Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System will certainly help, but our systems are designed to work in conjunction with a suspension that is in good condition.

We recommend that the motorhome be inspected by a suspension specialist, to ensure the suspension is in good condition, prior to installing a Timbren SES helper spring system.

You cannot exceed the manufacturer’s axle rating or GVW rating of the vehicle. A Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kit will greatly enhance the performance of a heavily-loaded vehicle by adding to the spring rate. You can expect reduced sag, and improved roll stability.

Nope. Unlike air bags, there’s no need to run air lines, check pressure, or watch for leaks. Our SES kits are a true set it and forget it solution.

Our Timbren SES kits are a helper spring for hauling and towing. Are they durable enough to go off-road? Absolutely. But if you are looking for a product built exclusively for absorbing harsh slams on the trail, our Active Off-Road Bumpstops are for you.

Learn about Active Off-Road Bumpstops

Our SES kits are designed to work on vehicles with factory ride height. But that’s where our Timbren SES Spacer Kits step in to fill the gap. With our spacer kits, your lifted vehicle can still benefit from the smooth, level ride that our SES kits offer.

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No. Unlike Add-a-Leaf solutions, your unloaded vehicle’s ride height will remain unaffected by the installation of an SES kit.

You bet! Unlike other towing solutions, you can easily install Timbren SES Spacer Kits right from your driveway, with just a few common tools.

Nope. Once your spacer kit is installed, your job is done. No need for any other maintenance.

Determining if you need a Timbren SES Spacer Kit will vary by the make, model, and the gap measured between the frame and axle when unloaded. However, if you have installed an aftermarket lift kit on your vehicle it’s likely that you need one in order for your Timbren SES kit to work properly.

Have more questions about our Timbren SES Spacer Kits? Reach out to our expert customer service team for more info.

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Timbren SES for Trailers supports the existing trailer factory suspension system in order to reduce sag, sway, and roll while improving ride quality.

Silent-Ride and Axle-Less trailer suspensions, on the other hand, completely replace the factory suspension.

Have questions? Reach out to one of our resident suspension techs to determine which product is right for your trailer needs.

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Active Off-Road Bumpstops

Active Off-road Bumpstops are used to soften the harsh impact when driving off-road. They also help avoid damage to the shock absorber and contact of larger tires with the fender.

Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement Systems) serve as helper springs to level the load and reduce roll and sway for vehicles carrying heavy loads.

Do you off-road or overland with your vehicle? Active Off-Road Bumpstops are for you. These help soften the harsh impact of off-road travel, protecting you, your suspension, and your shocks from damaging hits.

Towing and hauling? Timbren SES products are made for you. These serve as helper springs to reduce roll, sag, and sway — making for a smooth, level ride.

Learn about Timbren SES

Absolutely! Timbren’s Active Off-Road Bumpstops are designed to work with your vehicle regardless of the lift kit you have installed.

We recommend both front and rear, especially when navigating rough, off-road terrain. Active Off-Road Bumpstops on all 4 corners of your vehicle will work together to give you a smooth, safe ride.

No. Just like our Timbren SES kits, Active Off-Road Bumpstops are also maintenance-free.

The Active Off-Road Bumpstops are made from natural rubber with all the unique characteristics inherent in rubber springs.

Learn more about our Aeon® springs

All Active Off-Road Bumpstops come with a lifetime warranty covering all replacement parts up until the time you sell your vehicle.

Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

The “HD” in an Axle-Less trailer suspension part number stands for Heavy-Duty. The HD versions are more robust compared to their regular-duty counterparts with the same nominal load rating.

For example, ASR2000S01 and ASR2KHDS01 both have the same load rating (2000 lbs), even though the first one is regular-duty and the second one is heavy-duty.

HD suspensions are constructed using thicker steel making them much stronger. Therefore, they withstand more abuse, harsher conditions, and more dynamic loads. HD suspensions are recommended for off-road applications.

Axle-Less trailer suspensions are fully independent and do not require an axle. A torsion trailer suspension, on the other hand, is housed within an axle tube.

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The Axle-Less trailer suspension comes with a full 3-year limited warranty.

Axle-Less jounce and rebound springs are made from natural rubber, with all the unique characteristics inherent in rubber springs.

The capacity rating represents one complete Axle-Less trailer suspension (i.e. both sides).

Yes. Some maintenance is required for the Axle-Less trailer suspension such as greasing the pivot bushings and wheel bearings.

For detailed maintenance information, refer to the maintenance notes included with the installation instructions.

When you purchase one Axle-Less trailer suspension, you always get enough for both sides of the trailer. The price you see advertised includes both the left side and right side.

First of all, you need to make sure the frame is perfectly square. Secondly, some trailer frames require additional support (like an extension plate to allow bolts to be installed vertically). This would eliminate the use of a cross-member, allowing you to achieve maximum ground clearance.

If you have more questions about your specific trailer, reach out to our expert team!

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Silent-Ride Trailer Suspension

If you need maximum ground clearance for off-roading, Axle-Less is the way to go.

Silent-Ride, on the other hand, is made to work with a trailer’s existing axles. If you have more robust towing needs that don’t require more ground clearance, like landscape trailers or construction trailers, the Silent-Ride is your best option.

Silent-Ride will not significantly change the ride height, as that is more determined by where your axles and tires are sitting on the trailer relative to the frame.

No, it will not work with torsion axles as the Silent-Ride trailer suspension itself is tied into the axle and the two would work against one another. However, we have multiple options for axle seats depending on capacity you are looking for.

Have questions? Reach out to one of our resident suspension techs about your trailer project to determine whether our Silent-Ride trailer suspension is right for you.

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