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Timbren Industries sells a majority of its products through a network of independent dealers and distributors. These dealers and distributors are selected because of their integrity to represent the true values of Timbren and their ability to convey the true value of Timbren products. A majority of these dealers and distributors have brick and mortar retail locations but some of them also have online stores. Timbren chooses to work with both online and brick and mortar retailers who understand the true value of Timbren and the positive impact our products will have for customers.

In recent years we have found a number of Internet vendors who falsely claim to be an “authorized Timbren vendor” and who we believe do not provide the level of customer support that we require of our dealers and distributors. Timbren cannot guarantee the authenticity or condition of product offered for sale on unauthorized online reseller websites. Consumers who purchase from unauthorized vendors take the chance of voiding both their warranty and satisfaction guarantees.

While we cannot identify all persons and companies on the Internet who falsely claim to be authorized vendors, we have been able to identify the following persons and companies who are NOT authorized dealers.


Advance Cycle Parts
Alivezonn LLC
AMCO Auto Parts LLC (Amranul Emran Alam)
amen101230290614 (AMENstore13)
American Auto Expert Solution
ASA Performance Inc
assim2002 (Save Money on Tools)
Astroid Ventures (Chicago Knife works, Tianxiao Liu)
Belgrade Auto Parts
Brands Certified (XPINK STAR LLC)
BratSwag (Brat-Mo)
CC Auto Shop (K.Treadwell Inc DBA Catalytic Converters for Less)
CFD Diesel Performance (Ryan C Law)
Custom EngineergingPro Seller (CG Automotive Group Pty Ltd)
Custom Performance (Protx Performance)
Discount Bandit
Drive Soon
East Coast Speed
Eco Trade Inc (Amjad Alie Investment Inc)
EL Supplies LLC
Enes DC Shope (Enes Super Shop)
Everythingvehicle (Heavenly Brands, LLC, Michigan Products)
Express Supply (Blossom Express) AutoZone)
FA Trading (Farhana Ashraf, Casmark Trading LLC)
Fly Like an Eagle (Four Eagles Soaing, Salvador T Aragonez)
GanymedeNodes (Nikita Trifonov)
Gas Diesel Offroads (Ali Mirza, Pacific Pelican, Country Trucks, Eye Brow Bar Inc)
Genuine Inks Only

Healthy Cup (CG Automotive Group Pty Ltd)
Hexmart Inc
Inertia Auto Performance (Discount Bandit)
javer-5834 (Jakes Wholesale Shop)
JHOYK (Gilberto Marques de Barros)
JIR AUTO (Velocity Mania, M4 Auto Performance)
josh0240josh (Rustys rustic signs)
JPSTORY (Joao Pedro Marques de Barros)
KHC SHOP (Changchun Kexin Trading Company Limited, Junsheng Ji)
KMJ Performance LLC
LeftLaneAutomotive(Ali Mirza, Pacific Pelican, Country Trucks, Eye Brow Bar Inc)
MasterpieceDealer (JB Ambitions LLC)
MDG Sales
midwestpartsandsupply (Missouricarparts)
Minura Market (TN Group USA, Inc)
Modealz1 Trading LLC (Mohammad Bilal Siddiqui)
ModernTetra LLC
MQH2K TRADE (Muneer & Sons)

oemparthaus (Bevan Group LLC)
oneclickwarehouse (, Alm Sales, LLC)
partsfreakusa (Bondei Inc.)
Pepe Deals Inc
Performance Logix (Nazia Yasmeen)
PHI Automotive (CG Automotive Group Pty)
Ponte Vedra Performance Tire (Tire Stacks LLC)
qltycsstmrsrvctuner (CG Automotive Group Pty)
Prosperautosupply (PBN Investments LLC, Hardrock 4x4)
RAYCorp (Ray Commerce LLC)
redhotdistLLC (Redhotdeals, Car 4 Cash LLC)
Retail Express! (Triton Automotive ,Apex Traders, Velocity Mania)
RVW Distributors
Salter Racing
Shoptrailswest4x4(Trails West 4x4)
Silver Shop 2023 (Felipe Krauspenhar)
stephemilleso-0 (Stevo's Electric Surplus)
Stroller Lawn & Garden Inc
Survival Motorsports

thecobracache (Twenter Ebay Sales, Aaron Twenter)
Tilary (MYSU LLC)
titantime (EV Ttian, Jackson Heywood)
ToBe Continued :// (O114 LLC)
Toglo (Shenzhen Yihe Industrial Co., Ltd., Kionalda Co. ltd))
Triplenet Pricing INC
Truck Components
Truckguy11 (Pro Trucks Plus)
Truck Hitch Accessories(Ali Mirza, Pacific Pelican, Country Trucks, Eye Brow Bar Inc)
Truckers Toy Store LLC(Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories)
Truck to Trailer
Ultra Auto Parts (4PRO Auto Parts, Lya Group LLC)
UniquePart (Protx Performance)
Victory-Performance (nytoolcorp)
Western Wild Motors (Velocity Mania,JIR Auto,M4 Auto, ESMH)
wheels313 (Donald Kevin Huff)
WiFi Bread LLC
WLD GOODS (TZ Auto & Power Sports, OffroaD Highway,TTJ Express, One Aveneue LLC)