Best Suspension Upgrades | The Bulletproof Timbren SES

Timbren SES is the Bulletproof Solution to Prevent Trailer Sag and Sway

There’s nothing more dangerous than towing a trailer with a vehicle that can’t handle the extra weight. Hauling a heavy load is one thing but towing a heavy trailer can potentially be a dangerous undertaking. 

Timbren SES is the bulletproof solution for towing trailers and hauling large loads. End roll and sway caused by heavy loads added to your truck’s suspension. You can make squatting a thing of the past and increase safety with Timbren SES upgrades. 

Truck hauling trailer under rainbow

If my truck was made to tow heavy loads, why does it squat when I hook up my trailer?

Even though your truck has a certain GVWR rating (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and a maximum payload set by the manufacturer, that does not mean the truck is going to sit level when you add 1,000 lb of tongue weight to your trailer hitch. The springs on a standard suspension – usually leaf springs – have a linear spring rate. In other words, they compress at a constant rate. For example, if the leaf springs compress 1” for every 500 lb. added, they will continue to compress at the same rate until they have completely bottomed out.

A suspension that uses springs with a variable spring rate (like hollow rubber springs) compresses at a progressive rate. In other words, the spring rate increases as the rubber spring continues to compress. 

Truck Timbren SES hauling trailer

Why is a squatting truck unsafe to drive?

When you’re driving with vehicle sag, you’ll be white-knuckling to keep the vehicle in its lane and overcompensating with corrective steering. It’s unsafe and difficult to gain control of a vehicle when operating under these conditions. Here are three side effects you’ll experience due to rear-end sag:

  • Increased braking distance, inability to stop quickly
  • Steering is loose – a feeling of ‘floating’ – because the vehicle’s maneuvering capabilities are unresponsive
  • Misaligned steering leads to increased tire wear and uneven tire footprint, which can potentially decrease your fuel mileage

Dodge SUV with suspension upgrades hauling trailer

What should I do to prevent squatting, sway, and roll?

It’s not uncommon for a pickup truck’s rear end to droop after a load of 200 – 300 pounds has been added. And the sag becomes increasingly obvious as you near the maximum load rating. Here are some of the most common solutions for suspension sag and squat:

  • Add a leaf

Hellwig helper springs are supposed to sit on top of the leaf springs at the rear of your truck, working together with the existing suspension to keep the vehicle level under load. Hellwig helper springs are adjustable, easy to install, and come complete with all the necessary hardware. 

Super Springs is another option. Although similar to Hellwig, they take a little less time to install, offer a little more spring capacity, and provide better-unloaded ride quality. 

  • Airbags

Airbags were originally designed as an alternative to leaf springs. Products like Air Lift and Ride-Rite have been around for several decades. Designed to sit between the frame and the leaf spring, they serve as suspension helper springs.

Airbag suspension helpers are more costly and not as easy to install as add-a-leaf products. The ride quality, however, is far superior. 

  • Hollow rubber springs

Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) Aeon®'s hollow rubber springs are made from natural rubber. They are designed to replace the bump stop on trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Standard Suspension upgrade installed on truck


What makes Timbren SES the bulletproof suspension upgrade?

“I choose the Timbren SES system because I do not have 100% confidence in airbags. The Timbren system is bulletproof. I have been using them for 10 years of towing a 14,000 lb fifth wheel. My new truck will wear these Timbrens forever!!” Larry S.

Here are some of the reasons why people who use Timbren SES think they are bulletproof:

Stronger than steel: One unique characteristic of Aeon® hollow rubber springs is their progressive spring rate. As the load increases, the more they resist the load.

Leaf springs, on the other hand, deflect under load in a linear fashion, which causes sag and bottoming out. Aeon® springs deflect progressively, keeping the vehicle level at all times. If you add Aeon® hollow rubber springs to the suspension mix, you will lengthen the life of the leaf springs. Keeping the vehicle level reduces the stress on the suspension and prevents the leaf springs from breaking.

More reliable than air: Another unique characteristic of Aeon® hollow rubber springs is something called “hysteresis.” In other words, Aeon® springs have the self-damping ability to absorb road shock.

Unlike air suspensions, Aeon® rubber springs do not need pipes, hoses, compressors, or shock absorbers to help maintain stability. In fact, they’re used to help stabilize and protect an air ride suspension.

Air ride suspensions can’t adjust quickly enough to roll and sway on large, heavy trucks. Aeon® springs significantly reduce roll and sway and help to stabilize the entire vehicle.

Severe duty bump stop from Timbren bump stop

What version of SES do I need for my truck and trailer? 

Believe it or not, there are 2 versions of SES kits designed for light-duty pickups. If you flip through the pages of Timbren’s SES catalog, you will see certain sections that list ‘severe service’ kits. These particular suspension upgrades were for truck campers (also known as slide-in campers) – or any load that has a high center of gravity. 

The key to understanding the difference between standard and severe service rubber springs includes the examination of their size and shape. Virtually all Aeon® rubber springs used in SES kits are either double-convoluted or single-convoluted. A double-convoluted spring sits a little taller than a single, while a single-convoluted spring – even though shorter – is much wider.

Most rubber springs used on pick-up trucks are double-convoluted, providing a perfect blend of capacity and ride quality. But the rubber springs used for “severe service” are single-convoluted, designed to resist weight more aggressively. The result is reduced ride quality in exchange for more muscle and stability. Also, severe service springs are typically made from harder durometer rubber. The harder rubber resists weight more efficiently compared to softer rubber.

A word to the wise: Unless you’re carrying a slide-in camper or using a salt spreader, you do not need a severe service kit.

Bump stop on leaf spring

Make the Right Choice for Your Truck Suspension

There’s nothing more dangerous than a squatting truck trying to tow a trailer. Even though there are many helper-spring alternatives to choose from, wouldn’t you want to go with something that’s bulletproof?

Timbren designed and developed the bulletproof solution for towing trailers and hauling large loads. End roll and sway caused by heavy loads added to your truck’s suspension. You can make squatting a thing of the past. Increase safety and stability with Timbren SES upgrades.