Sprinter Van Suspension Upgrades | Prevent Sway and Roll

Prevent Highway Sway and Roll On Your Top-Heavy Vehicle

A sprinter van is one of the most versatile vehicle options in today’s world. The van can be outfitted as a passenger van, work van, limousine, mobile office, RV or you name it. Because of its versatility, most people are concerned about the suspension system, continually looking for ways to fine-tune the vans’ suspension system to reduce sway, side to side wobbling, sagging and bounce. The following are the four key suspension system components that should influence your choice of a sprinter van.

  1. Springs – soften the ride by allowing the chassis to float up and down
  2. Shocks and Struts – dampen & control the amount of spring rebound
  3. Sway Bar – adds stability by reducing body roll on corners and irregular roads
  4. Bump Stops – prevent metal-hitting-metal when the suspension bottoms out

Mercedes Sprinter Van with upgraded suspension

This article will answer the following questions:

Top-heavy Mercedes Sprinter Van Driving Down Road with Timbren Helper Springs

Why is my sprinter van hard to steer/control at higher speeds?

Mercedes-Benz is well known for making high-quality vehicles. That being said, the German automaker is not immune from issuing recalls, and the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 is no exception to the rule.

If you own a 2012-2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you may need to get it into your local dealership due to a new recall. The electronic stability control unit can become deactivated without warning. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can be dangerous. 

According to CarComplaints.com, “If a driver loses stability control, warning lights and messages will activate in the instrument panels and the driver may have trouble controlling the van in certain driving situations.”

The high roof versions of the Sprinter van are super-tall and can be quite top-heavy. When fully loaded, it increases the possibility of a rollover. When the vehicle begins to lean too far on high-speed cornering and high-wind conditions, the ‘electronic stability control unit’ is supposed to help prevent an accidental roll-over by slowing the vehicle down to a crawl.

Parked Mercedes Sprinter with Suspension Upgrades

What can I do to make it safer to drive?

Here are a few safety tips when driving your Sprinter van:

  • Be aware of your overall height. Sprinter vans are much taller than an ordinary family van. Always know how tall your van is before entering underground parking, a hotel entrance, or a drive-through.
  • Make turns slowly, accounting for the extra weight and length of the vehicle.
  • Avoid heavy winds. Winds can flip you and your van in no time, especially if you’re going too fast. If you must drive through powerful winds, slow down.
  • Safety first. When traveling long distances, make sure the driver is well-rested. Practice safety over speed. And never text when driving. Completely avoid all forms of distracted driving.

Dodge Sprinter Style Van with Upgraded SES Suspension

Should I upgrade my front and rear suspension?

To add maximum stability to the suspension of your Sprinter van, installing a Timbren SES kit to both the front and rear suspension is ideal. Not only would you reduce roll and sway, but you’d also level the load and smooth out the ride. 

In addition to the above benefits, upgrading your front and rear suspension with a Timbren SES kit would increase your Sprinter van safety to a whole new level.

Installed Heavy-Duty Timbren Suspension on Sprinter Van

Does upgrading the suspension increase the weight limit I can haul?

Timbren SES upgrades can do a lot of things. However, one thing they can’t do is increase the GVWR of your vehicle. The product could keep your suspension level way beyond the limits set by the manufacturer. But you run the risk of damaging your frame if you add too much load. 

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. It refers to the maximum poundage your truck can weigh to operate safely and without harm to its components. Put simply, it’s the max weight before things start to bend and break. Manufacturers calculate this number by testing the structural integrity of your truck’s suspension components, axles, tires, wheels, body, frame, and bed.

Full SES Bump Stop Kit for Sprinter Van with Hardware

What kind of warranty does Timbren SES come with?

Every Timbren SES product comes with 2 great warranties: 

  1. Lifetime warranty (for more information read our Lifetime Warranty blog post)
  2. Customer satisfaction guarantee

The lifetime warranty covers an SES product for the life of the vehicle. This means they’re warranted against defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service for the life of the vehicle on which the kit was originally installed. Note: the lifetime warranty is non-transferable.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures within 90 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your product, a full refund will be issued upon receipt of the product.


By answering five questions, this article has made clear 3 pertinent ideas:

  1. Sprinter vans are top-heavy
  2. Sprinter vans must be handled safely
  3. Timbren SES can provide maximum stability and safety

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