Solve Trailer Suspension Sag | Timbren SES is the Economical Solution

Suspension Upgrades that Solve Trailer Sag and Squat

I think we can all agree that sag happens. But it doesn’t mean we have to put up with it. In this short article we’re going to take a look at the best solutions for a sagging trailer focusing on two great solutions for sag and squat: Timbren SES upgrades and the Axle-Less trailer suspension.

In order to get perfect clarity, take a look at the answers to the following questions:

  • What is trailer sag?
  • How do you prevent or fix trailer sag?
  • What are the most economical ways to prevent your trailer from sagging or leaning?
  • Are there upgrade solutions for fixing trailer suspension issues?

Closeup solid axle trailer suspension

What is trailer sag?

Just like a car or truck, trailer springs are an essential part of a trailer suspension. There are three types of suspensions most commonly used on a light-duty trailer:

Leaf Spring Suspension

A leaf spring suspension – curved leaves stacked on top of each other – is the most common suspension used on boat trailers, utility trailers, and enclosed trailers.

Torsion Axle Suspension

Torsion axles have a spring setup inside the axle; a combination of four rubberized cords inside the axle housing designed to control suspension travel and shock absorption.

Air Ride Suspension

Air ride suspensions are more commonly found on medium and heavy-duty trailers carrying valuable and fragile cargo such as electronics and racehorses.

Trailer sag happens after the existing suspension has been made to carry heavy loads for an extended period of time. Even unloaded, the trailer has begun to sag. Trailer squat/sag happens when the trailer has been loaded to the max and its suspension is unable to keep the trailer level. Trailer sag & squat is a red flag letting you know that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Heavy-duty trailer with dual axles

How do you prevent or fix trailer sag?

Depending on the reason for this problem, there are various ways to solve trailer sag.

If you have sag when your trailer is hooked up to the tow vehicle, you might need a weight distribution hitch. These types of hitches help to distribute the weight of the trailer more evenly and help to prevent the tow vehicle from squatting so much.

If, on the other hand, your trailer’s suspension is squatting beneath the total weight of the trailer, you need helper springs. Timbren has a number of SES products designed specifically for trailers. Timbren SES suspension upgrades not only prevent sag and squat, but they also help to stabilize the trailer by reducing roll and sway.

Furthermore, Timbren has created the Axle-Less trailer suspension that easily retrofits virtually any trailer weighing up to 7000 lbs. The beauty of the Axle-Less trailer suspension is the fact that there’s no through axle. Working just like an independent trailer suspension, the Axle-Less suspension delivers a ride that’s smooth and quiet.

Trailer with airbag suspension

What is the most economical way to prevent your trailer from sagging or leaning?

First of all, the most expensive way to prevent sagging and leaning is an airbag system. Unless the cargo in your trailer has a high value that needs protection, an air ride system is going to be overkill. If you have expensive and heavy cargo that needs more than the SES suspension rubber spring upgrade check out our Dakota Air trailer suspension.

The most economical way to prevent trailer sag is a product like Timbren SES upgrades. And just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean it’s inferior. A Timbren SES suspension upgrade kit for trailers will give you the biggest bang for your towing buck. If you need to prevent sagging and squatting, you’ve got it! And if you need to correct leaning and gain maximum stability, Timbren SES upgrades deliver it in spades. 

Single convoluted Timbren SES trailer suspension upgrade

Are there upgrade solutions for fixing trailer suspension issues?

In addition to Timbren SES suspension upgrades, Timbren’s Axle-Less trailer suspensions have supplied easy-to-install solutions for their customers who stay on the pavement or off the beaten path. 

If you’re hundreds of miles away from home with a busted-up axle, an Axle-Less trailer suspension will have you on your way in a few days instead of waiting weeks for a replacement axle. 

Because there’s no axle, the Axle-Less trailer suspension will provide you with the benefit of an independent suspension. In other words, one side of the suspension works independently of the other side. This gives you the smoothest ride ever. 

Also, the exclusive design of two Aeon® rubber springs and a metal control arm provides a ride so quiet that you’re going to wonder if the trailer is still there.

Take advantage of the best solutions for suspension sag on the market today: Timbren SES Upgrades and the Axle-Less trailer suspension.