Timbren - Timbren SES for Trailers

Timbren SES - Timbren SES for Trailers

Timbren SES Suspension Upgrades for RV Trailers ensure a long and safe adventure for you and your family. Haul your 5th-Wheel or bumper pull travel trailer with relative ease and peace of mind.

Timbren SES Kits for Trailers:

  • Are easy to install
  • Are more reliable than airbags
  • Are more durable than competitor's springs
  • Come with a lifetime warranty

When it comes to you and your family, safety is paramount. That's why you want the best and most reliable suspension upgrades on your truck and RV that are available. The good news for you is that the best and most reliable suspension upgrade kits for RVs are also the easiest to install because there are fewer parts to deal with. They are the most reliable because they are made of natural rubber with a progressive spring rate and they don't rely on air to level your trailer. They also come with Timbren's lifetime warranty which happens to be the best in the industry.

What is a progressive spring rate? A progressive spring rate simply means that the heavier your load or the harder it pushes down on Timbren's rubber springs the harder the rubber springs push back against the load. This keeps the load level and prevents your RV trailer from sagging.

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