Timbren Suspension Upgrades: Never buy from an unauthorized dealer

Timbren makes great products. One of the reasons the products are so great is a little thing called 'customer service.' When you purchase a product from Timbren, you get two great warranties: A lifetime Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Not everyone that sells Timbren products is playing by the rules! They’re either unaware of our warranties or they just don’t care. This blog post will focus on why you should not buy from an unauthorized dealer. 

Below are 5 questions to help explain what we mean when we talk about unauthorized dealers, and why you should avoid them like the plague.

What is an authorized dealer?

Timbren Industries sells most of its products through a network of independent dealers and distributors. These dealers and distributors have been selected because of their ability to represent the true values of Timbren and convey the true value of Timbren products. These dealers and distributors are usually “brick & mortar” companies with a website. There is also a growing number of dealers who sell Timbren’s products online using their virtual store.

Timbren’s authorized dealers and distributors represent the true value of Timbren’s products and services.

What is an unauthorized dealer?

In recent years we have found several internet vendors who falsely claim to be “authorized Timbren vendors,” those who do not provide the level of customer support that is required of Timbren dealers and distributors. Consumers who purchase from unauthorized vendors run the risk of voiding both warranties because Timbren cannot guarantee the authenticity or condition of products sold through unauthorized reseller websites.

While Timbren can’t identify all persons and companies who falsely claim to be authorized vendors, we have been able to identify the following companies who are NOT authorized dealers.

What is the unauthorized dealer wall of shame? 

The growing list of unauthorized dealers is displayed publicly on Timbren’s website.

 Click here to see the current list.

Why should you not buy from an unauthorized dealer?

If you buy a Timbren product from an unauthorized dealer – particularly online dealers – you run the risk of voiding all warranties. Here’s the thing: Timbren cannot guarantee the authenticity or condition of products sold through unauthorized reseller websites. Plain and simple.

Stick with Timbren’s list of authorized dealers and distributors for maximum results and your best shopping experience.

What is the warranty on Timbren products?

Every Timbren SES product comes with 2 great warranties: 

  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Click here to read more about Timbren’s product warranties.