How to Return your Purchase

Sometimes you need to return something.

You may have changed your mind. Or you bought the wrong part number by mistake.

Whatever the reason, we want you to have a positive experience. Please use the following steps when preparing to send something back…

First of all, every Timbren SES product comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Lifetime Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, replacement of failed parts and limited to the life of the vehicle on which the kit was originally installed.

Every SES kit includes a 4×6 card with return instructions.

Don’t lose this card. You might need it. It contains the proper procedures on how to get your questions answered, and how to obtain a return authorization number.

Do not return the item to the store where you made your purchase.

Don’t call your retailer. Timbren will deal with you directly.

Contact Timbren Industries by email:

You don’t need to contact Timbren by phone. Use the enclosed email to make arrangements.

Finally, make sure you include the invoice and part number

The invoice will provide proof of purchase as well as the part number.

Furthermore, if the dealer’s part number looks different from Timbren’s part number, be sure to include the number on the box or the installation instruction sheet.

These few steps guarantee your return will be handled properly and efficiently.

However, if you wish to speak to someone directly about another issue, please call 1-800-263-3113.