• Great product and service - 2022-Present Toyota Tundra Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System - Rear Kit - 5 Stars My review of this product is excellent like for any other vehicle listed on here; my great review is based on this company’s customer service. My product was delayed due to manufacturing issues with supply not meeting demand on this brand new model Tundra. Timbren worked hard and made new brackets at a record pace and bc of the delay they overnighted the product to me, so I could have it before a long trip towing the camper. Great products are easy to find but customer service like this is rare. I am very pleased with the performance of the product and this company. Great job guys
  • Once was hesitant - 2009-Present Ram 1500 Timbren SES Suspension Upgrades SKU# DR1500DQ - Rear Kit - 5 Stars We purchased a 5th wheel lite camper to be pulled by our 2019 Ram 1500. First time I towed the camper I was afraid I had made a poor decision, yet my friends told me to check out air bags or Timbrens. I decided to go with Timbrens for the ease of install and my son and I installed then in under an hour. What a difference these make!!! 110% different ride, tow and felt confident this time out! These were exactly what I was looking for, even though I purchased through a third party, had to share my jubilation with you. I am telling all my truck buds these are worth their weight in gold. Thank You.
  • 2021 Ram 1500 Classic Quad Cab Warlock 4wd - 2009-Present Ram 1500 Timbren SES Suspension Upgrades SKU# DR1500DQ - Rear Kit - 5 Stars Prior to buying the TIMBREN SES SUSPENSION ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM SKU# DR1500DQ - REAR KIT, my truck would sag about 1.5 inches when our boat and trailer is loaded onto it. Not bad, but felt it needed a bit of a lift. My truck would stand at about 39 1/4 when unloaded. It would drop to 37 3/4 with load at the rear wheel. I bought the TIMBREN SES SUSPENSION ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM SKU# DR1500DQ - REAR KIT and installed them. It was very easy and did so by myself. It did take a 3rd block on the right side to get the bump stop to seat. All together it took about 40 minutes to install. After installation and with a load of our boat and trailer, the rear of my truck sagged about 3/4 inch. Gained about 3/4 of inch on stance after loaded. Will be checking out the ride while pulling our boat in next week or two and then will post the results. Thus far, I recommend these to anyone who feels their truck needs to gain more on the rear end when under a load.
  • Great Product - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# DRTT3500D - Rear Severe Service Kit - 5 Stars I drive a 2022 Ram 3500 SRW. I have 25,000 miles using the Timbren SEE System. Thee had rubber springs work as advertised. I delver slide-in truck campers out of Oregon to points across the USA. On my last Ram 3500s I used air bags and a large sway bar, and thought I’d try something different. Its my opinion, Timbren SES is the answer.
  • Seems to really help front - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# DF350 - 5 Stars Kit DF350 seems to really help the front end of my 1990 D350 cummins. It has overall improved the ride and so far I believe it will help reduce the wear on the bushings and help reduce inside wear on the front tires. Worth every penny! Here is my installation
  • 2015 Silverado 3500 HD SRW - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# GMRTT35D - Rear Severe Service Kit - 5 Stars I originally installed the normal duty GMRCK25 kit on my truck to tow a 36 foot fifth wheel, which was causing a severe porpoising problem. Replaced the shocks; not much help. I still felt better could be had, and contacted Timbren customer service. Very helpful, and suggested the severe service kit GMRTT35D. He asked where I purchased, and I replied Amazon. He then offered to send out a no charge kit for me to try. Unbelievable. It arrived and installed easily. Definitely the solution to the problem. Same empty ride as before with great loaded ride movement control. These are slowing down the factory leaf springs to take out the severe bounce I was experiencing. Just bought a dually, and will move these over and install the softer ones to the old truck before I sell. Much easier and more effective than air bags--install em and forget em!!
  • Much needed upgrade; Kit could use some QC - Active Off-Road Bump Stops SKU# ABSTORSEQ - Rear Kit - 4 Stars First off, this is a hugely underrated component and I am very happy post-install. Ride quality is improved both on and off road, and the harsh bottom out of the OEM stops is completely alleviated. I'd certainly recommend these; but with the below caveat;

    My only complaint is that my kit had some notable QC issues. Half of the frame mounting bolts were missing (still sealed in the bag); but reusing some of the stock bolts seemed to work. Additionally, the retaining cup for the rubber bumper was not fully drilled out on 1 of the 2 I received - the hole present was entirely too small to fit the included bolt, and had significant burrs that had simply been painted over. While these issues were easily remedied, I feel like for the price that it should not have been an issue.
  • Best upgrade on the market - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# FRTT350F - Rear Severe Service Kit - 5 Stars This is the second set of Timbren overloads I've owned. the first set was on my 1999 For F150 with an 8' 1985 American Pilgrim hard sided camper. Thy worked so well and made the truck and camper rig handle so much better and where on the truck for 17 years and never had a problem. before I sold the truck I removed them and installed them on my utility trailer (their still going strong). The first set worked so well that when I upgraded to a newer truck and camper I immediately ordered a set for my new 2015 F250 SD Supercrew with a Lance 855. slide in camper I also haul a 22' enclosed car hauler and with this setup I don't even know the trailer is back there. I highly recommend Timbren SES system for anyone that is planning to haul any thing especially a slide in truck camper. Thank for a great product that lives up to my expectations.
  • Great Product - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# JRL4 - 4 Stars Had these on my Libby for several yrs. Was noticing a bit of spring sag from towing my RV prior to install. Now I’m back to a descent ride height and couldn’t be happier. Only down side was that they go inside the rear springs, so disassembly/assembly and fitting them without rubbing the inside of the springs was a bit tricky.
  • Perfect Solution for vehicle sway and roll - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# GMFK25D - Front Kit - 5 Stars Just installed the Timbren GMFK25D bump stops on the front of a 2015 Chevy 3500 dually. I needed some additional stability for the front for heavy loads and these will definitely give me what I need. The installation was more challenging than the directions make out but not impossible either. Getting the Timbrens back into the socket that the stock bump stops come out of requires some contortionist moves within the limited space available, and the use of the wood-block and soapy water as noted in the directions to get the Timbrens fully seated. I choose to not remove the front tires and had I done that, it might have been easier. The provided directions are more than adequate.

    The front end of the truck is now slightly higher than it was with the stock bump stops installed and as a result, more level than before. The ride on rough surfaces is a bit stiffer, but on paving there was little if any noticeable difference in ride quality with the truck empty.

    Drivability and handling seemed to be unaffected as well. The extra height and stiffness will be a welcome addition with the heavy slide-in camper that this vehicle hauls. The camper is a high-profile addition to the truck when it's loaded, and as a result, catches even the slightest amount of wind, especially side winds or when semi's pass. I expect that with the additional height and stiffness that I will experience much less vehicle sway and roll on windy days, especially with side winds.

    Overall this is a very useful upgrade to this vehicle and will definitely provide the extra stiffness and roll and sway control that was lacking with the stock bump stops. The installation is challenging, however with some time and patience, and blocking for the truck while working under it to ensure safety, this is a doable and worthwhile project.
  • Simple yet smart upgrade! - Honda Odyssey - Rear Kit | Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System - 5 Stars Product is as described. Installed it 20 minutes and it was straight forward. You will need some wd40 or soapy water and a short piece of 2x4 to help it seat into the bump stop cup. I loaded the trunk and the xxl thule roof box to the max and with four people took the trip from Pittsburgh to Florida and back. The van was leveled, the back never dropped and handling improved dramatically to the point where my wife as a passenger noticed it. It is a simple piece of upgrade but very effective. Highly recommended!!!
  • EASY install! Working well - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# DVR05091 - Rear Kit - 5 Stars I drove my RV backup from Florida with one of the air Bella's popped. The other one popped on a trip to Maine. The Timbren have stabled the ride so well. I don't remember it ever riding so well well. The reason for the easy install, is the fact have a good design, as well as, the vehicle coming from Florida instead of the salt belt where I live.
  • Leveled 1500 suburban - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# GMRSB4S - 5 Stars My brother bought these for his 1500 suburban, he bought an enclosed trailer to transport drag car, it was pulling rear down compared to old open trailer, used coil over load shocks, but it did not solve sag,he put your SES suspension now his truck rides level an no more light front feel, i am convinced these are the best addition you can use for towing, i am installing on my 2500 suburban knowing how well they work, quiet an durable, love them
  • The 5200 lbs suspension is legendary - 5200 lb Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ 4” Lift - 5 Stars We use the 5200 on our flag ship trailer, the VORSHEER XOC.
    If you're looking for a strong suspension with plenty of ground clearance, this is your suspension. Pair it with 12" electric drum brakes and you'll be very happy.
  • Bullet Proof Trailer Suspension! - 3500 lb HD Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ 4” Lift - 5 Stars We use this suspension for our lighter off-road trailers. These suspensions are pretty much bullet proof.
    The axel-less design gives you all the ground clearance you could possibly need on an off-road trailer. Google search "VORSHEER XER" to see this 3500 lbs suspension in action.
  • F150 SES Rear Kit is Awesome - Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System SKU# FR1504D - Rear Kit - 5 Stars I have had the F-150 Rear SES kit for over a year now and I love them. I pull a 31ft camper and these made pulling much easier and safer. I noticed a difference in swaying and a huge difference in the truck rocking front to back. The suspension feels solid now!
  • I’m impressed - 3500 lb HD Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ 2” Lift & Long Spindles - 5 Stars I had a trailer custom built by Express Custom Trailers of Parksville BC. I had to supply the suspension, wheels and tires as I wanted the tires and wheels to be the same size as the ones on my 2006 3500 GMC pickup. I ordered a set of ASR35HDS06 Axle-less trailer suspension c/w brake flanges and a set of 500886LH/RH drums and brakes.
    This gave me a hub that my 16 inch 8 stud wheels bolted onto with no problems. Now I only need one spare for both the truck and trailer.
    What I found amazing was the way the suspension absorbed the bumps and potholes in Express Custom Trailer’s yard even with the trailer being empty. Mind you, I had aired the tires down to 45 psi so that took out a lot of the bounce in the tires.
    I’ve only made the one trip to get the trailer home and most of that was in the dark during a snow storm so it was impossible to watch both the trailer and the road at the same time. I will be taking it for a tow in the next day or so and will look for some gravel/dirt roads to see how it handles them.