Active Off-Road U-Bolt Clamped Bumpstops for 2004- Present Nissan Titan Timbren SKU# NRTTN - Rear Kit
Active Off-Road U-Bolt Clamped Bumpstops for 2004- Present Nissan Titan Timbren SKU# NRTTN - Rear Kit
Active Off-Road U-Bolt Clamped Bumpstops for 2004- Present Nissan Titan Timbren SKU# NRTTN - Rear Kit
Active Off-Road U-Bolt Clamped Bumpstops for 2004- Present Nissan Titan Timbren SKU# NRTTN - Rear Kit

Active Off-Road U-Bolt Clamped Bumpstops for 2004- Present Nissan Titan Timbren SKU# NRTTN - Rear Kit


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Maybe you’ve been there: white knuckles gripping the steering wheel while your truck camper sways back and forth down the highway. Add in some cross-winds, and keeping your vehicle centered on the road just became the kind of drive that makes you second-guess your trip altogether.

Hauling top-heavy loads like truck campers or salt spreaders requires more stability than other towing or hauling solutions. This is when you need our Timbren SES severe service kits.

So what’s the difference between our severe service kits and classic Timbren SES kits?

Both products feature the progressive spring rate of our Aeon® rubbers springs. As load increases, our rubber springs push back harder, eliminating squat, sway, and roll.

But our Timbren SES severe service kits use a single-convoluted Aeon® spring. Designed exclusively for truck campers, these springs resist weight more aggressively to keep your vehicle level and your ride smooth. The result? No more white-knuckling it down the highway — you get a safe, stable handling of your top-heavy load.

After installation, there should be a ½” to 1 ½” gap between the rubber spring and vehicle’s frame — meaning you’ll enjoy a comfortable unloaded ride.

What makes Timbren SES kits different from other suspension enhancement systems? Unlike air bags, our kits require zero post-installation maintenance. Unlike foam, these are durable enough to last under all your loads, in any weather. And unlike other systems, you can install and haul in under 30 minutes, right from your driveway.

Key Features

  • Dampens blows from bottoming out
  • Reduces stress on suspension from off-roading
  • Decreases driver fatigue


Rated Capacity: 6,000 lbs

What's Included

  • 2 x Mounting Brackets
  • 2 x Patented Aeon® SES suspensions (hollow rubber springs)
  • All necessary hardware

How to Install

Timbren SES SKU #NRTTN - Rear Kit.pdf

Suspension Support Location

  • Rear Suspension

Kit Type

  • Severe Service Kit

Our Active Off-Road Bumpstops are built to last. We back this up with a lifetime warranty.

Covered under this warranty are defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service for the life of the vehicle on which the kit was originally installed.

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100-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your Timbren product, we want to remedy that. If our customer service team can’t find a solution for you, you can return your Timbren product for a refund, a replacement product, or another product of similar value within 100 days of purchasing the product. We’ll cover return shipping costs, too.

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Install right from your driveway, with basic tools, in less than an hour.


Factory bumpstops can’t handle harsh slams from off-roading. Active Off-Road Bumpstops cushion the blows and deliver a softer landing over tough terrain.


This could be you.


While these products may look similar, Active Off-Road Bumpstops are built for off-roading, while Timbren SES kits are designed as helper springs for towing.

Better Than Hydraulic, Foam & Factory Bumpstops

Better installation. Better performance. Better customer service. So you can enjoy a better off-roading trip.

Active Off-Road Bumpstops

Hydraulic Bumps







Comes With Vehicle

DIY Install

Improved Ride Quality


Lifetime Warranty

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Zero Maintenance


Quiet Operation

Your questions, answered

You want all the info before choosing the right off-roading bumpstops for you. And we want to help.

Off-road or overland with your vehicle? Active Off-Road Bumpstops are for you. These help soften the harsh impact of off-road travel, protecting you, your suspension, and your shocks from damaging hits.

Towing and hauling? Timbren SES products are made for you. These serve as helper springs to reduce roll, sag, and sway — making for a smooth, level ride.

Learn more about Timbren SES

You bet. Active Off-Road Bumpstops are designed to work with your vehicle regardless of the lift kit you have installed.

We recommend both front and rear, especially when navigating rough, off-road terrain. Active Off-Road Bumpstops on all four corners of your vehicle will work together to give you a smooth, safe ride.

Nope. Unlike hydraulic bumpstops that require frequent servicing, Active Off-Road Bumpstops require zero post-installation maintenance.