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More Stability = More Safety

We all want to be as safe as possible on the job. Timbren SES kits increase towing and hauling performance to prevent roll, sway, and enhance overall vehicle stability. The equation couldn’t be simpler: More stability equals more safety. And it’s guaranteed. Don’t sacrifice safety. Give your team improved safety and reliability by equipping their vehicles with a Timbren SES kit.

What you're giving your team:

  • Improved Suspension Performance
  • Confidence When Towing & Hauling
  • Vehicle Safety Under Heavy Loads
  • Maximum Stability
  • Increased Safety
  • No Maintenance
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    What Our Customers Say

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    I have had a kit on my truck for over a year now and I love them! It makes pulling my 31ft camper much easier and safer. I noticed a difference in swaying and a huge difference in the truck rocking front to back. The suspension feels solid now! - Chris C.

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    Just bought a kit for my F250 2020 and I can’t tell you how much I love it, Should have bought it when I got the truck last year. The Truck ruck handles so much better! Thank you for your product!!

    - Todd B.

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