How do you spell Freedom?

Another SEMA trade show in Vegas. The year was 2011.

Apparently, Timbren had an entry for “Best New Product” in the off-road category.

Most of us at Timbren didn’t even know that our new product had been entered. Hey, it was Vegas. Someone was feeling lucky.

And as “luck” would have it, we won!

What was the product?


So… what made it so special? (Hint: the answer is found in the name.)

That’s right. “No Axle.”  None. Nadda. Nichts.

Axle-less: designed as a suspension for light trailers.

Are you an Off-roader? Or an Over-lander?

We get it. There’s a sense of adventure and freedom when you start talking about “off-roading.”

Your tow vehicle can go virtually anywhere. But if you’re pulling a trailer, suddenly you face some serious limitations associated with the trail. Your trailer can’t always go where your tow-vehicle can.

The Axle-Less trailer suspension is your key to freedom. It’s the answer to your dilemma.

Axle-Less allows you to go wherever your tow vehicle can go.

Let go of your limitations. Explore. Discover new territory.

Escape to a completely new design in suspension technology. Experience for yourself the freedom of the Axle-Less trailer suspension.

How do you spell freedom?  A-x-l-e-L-e-s-s.