We were stunned when we saw what was left on the side of the road


We found it lying on the side of the road just outside our manufacturing facility in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The truck frame is completely rusted but the rubber spring is still good!

We’ve been saying it for 40 years, and we still think it’s true: “Aeon® hollow rubber springs are stronger than steel, more reliable than air.”

Stronger than Steel

 You may be wondering how Aeon® springs – made from 100% natural rubber – can be stronger than steel?

One reason is its progressive spring rate. In other words, Aeon® rubber springs progressively adjust to any additional weight added to the suspension.

A set of leaf spring helpers deflect under load in a more linear fashion, adding an additional 800 lb to the spring rate. But a set of Aeon® rubber springs can add an additional 6000 lb to the spring rate.

Another reason has to do with something called “hysteresis.” In other words, Aeon® springs have the unique self-damping ability to absorb road shock.

The end result is less roll and sway.  This means bigger loads can be hauled safely and more confidently.

More reliable than Air

The reason Aeon® rubber springs are more reliable than air is simple: There are no pipes, hoses compressors or shock absorbers that could fail or leak.

Aeon® rubber springs require no maintenance or upkeep, and could potentially last the life of the vehicle.

Check out our Aeon® hollow rubber springs, and learn how you could benefit by installing a set on your vehicle.