Universal applications: Most popular ‘one-size-fits-all’ for front axles

This post is a continuation of last week’s article on Universal Kits

Universal kits work on one-ton pickups with straight-axle suspensions. An L-shaped bracket side-mounts to the frame, positioning the Aeon® rubber spring between the U-bolts.

*If the truck has a channel frame, be sure to weld extra support where the L-shaped frame bracket bolts to the frame.

Image of part # UF100 for the front axle of a 1-ton pickup:

                               TIMBREN SES KIT UF100    

Universal kits also work on medium and heavy-duty trucks.

The most popular front axle kits? HSR001 and HST001. Both kits install the same way. Because the frame bracket comes in 2 pieces, this allows the installer to adjust for alignment with the lower leaf spring.

Welding and drilling required. Timbren recommends the Aeon® rubber spring be positioned as close to the U-bolts as possible.

Below is an image of the HSR001 and the HST001:

                                           TIMBREN SES KIT HSR001

                                           TIMBREN SES KIT HST001