Get it Right the First Time! (How to measure your pickup)

Every truck, van and SUV that rolls off the assembly line each year has a specific measurement between frame and axle, and a bump stop configuration that’s unique to each make and model.

As a result, Timbren measures every new model that enters the marketplace, making sure there’s a front and rear kit to fit each one of them. (Last I checked, there were well-over 450 kits in stock.)

Sometimes, however, the vehicle’s specs don’t fit the norm. If the vehicles suspension has been altered, the kit for the standard model won’t fit. You’re going to need a custom kit.

So it’s important to know how to measure for a custom fit.

How to measure your pickup for an Timbren SES kit (straight axle only)

Here are some helpful tips and general guidelines to measure a vehicle for a Timbren SES kit, particularly when the suspension has been altered…

  • While vehicle is sitting level, locate the bump stop mounted to the underside of the frame, just above the axle.
  • At this location, measure from the frame (or bump stop cup) down to the axle (or bump-stop peg). This is where you will install the Timbren SES kit.
  • It is important to know exactly the unloaded ride height of the vehicle, frame to axle, especially if the suspension has been altered i.e. the frame has been raised or lowered.

Once you have the correct measurement, give us a call. No doubt, you’ll get it right the first time!