One thing that always brings success – Part 1

Timbren turned 50 this year.

There’s something ‘golden’ about celebrating a 50th anniversary. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a business milestone, 50 is pretty significant.

And in today’s business environment – with so many start-ups and failures – staying in business for 50 years without getting beat up or bought out is quite a feat.

So, here’s a question you might be asking:

“How has Timbren managed to stay financially strong throughout its 50-year history?”

Is it good people?

Great products?

Outstanding customer service?

Absolutely! All of the above. These components play an important role in the growth of the company.

But at the end of the day, the one factor that has kept the Timbren doors open is…


Timbren began on the premise that suspensions could and should work better. The name “Timbren” soon became synonymous with a commitment to creating an alternative suspension to leaf, coil and air.

“I wanted to build a better suspension – one that wasn’t dependent upon old ideas. But to do it I had to develop a new technology.” Arnold Heron, Founder and CEO

In 1968 Timbren’s founder, Arnold Heron, introduced Aeon® hollow rubber springs to the North American automotive aftermarket.

Armed with a great idea, Arnold formed a company that remains committed to 3 things:

  1. Better products
  2. Superior service
  3. Inovative ideas

Next month we’ll continue our discussion about a commitment to better products.

We’ll talk about how it has allowed Timbren Industries to lead the field with alternative solutions.

We want you to understand our level of commitment.

Hopefully, you will come to trust our people and our products.