How to increase towing safety in 30 minutes – part 3

Towing Safety: It’s hard to resist the call of the open road, especially when you have a chance to connect a camping trailer or boat to your favourite fishing spot.

But before you hitch anything to your truck or SUV, make sure you consider safety tip #3:

  1. Stay within your limits
  2. Pack your trailer properly

This goes for both your tow vehicle and your trailer.

Tires not properly inflated can negatively affect handling. Under-inflated tires create more ‘rolling resistance,’ forcing the engine to work harder and consume more fuel.

Furthermore, this resistance increases tire temperature, and may contribute to a blowout. For your tow vehicle, refer to the tire pressure label placed in the driver’s doorjamb for proper inflation.

Additionally, check the speed rating on the tires for both your tow vehicle and trailer. Never exceed that speed.

Preparing for a long journey?

Check the tire pressure of your spare tires to see if they’re inflated properly. Also, consider allowing more time to inspect your trailer’s hub bearings before towing.  Confirm they’re in good shape and properly greased.

Here’s something else that takes less than 30 minutes…

You already know how the heavy body-mass of the average motorhome or travel trailer can cause serious sway and instability.

Why not remove these problems altogether?

Timbren SES upgrades are the perfect fit for your motorhome. That’s because Timbren SES upgrades…

  • Provide a smoother ride
  • Reduce body roll and sway
  • Improve over-all handling
  • Install quickly & easily
  • Require zero maintenance

Timbren SES upgrades come with a limited Lifetime Warranty and an unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Join us next time for safety tip # 4.

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