How to increase towing safety in 30 minutes – part 1

It’s hard to resist the call of the open road, especially when you have a chance to escape for a weekend towing your camping trailer or boat.

However, before you hitch anything to your truck or SUV, make sure you consider today’s safety tip.

  1. Stay Within Your Limits

Review the towing capacity of your specific vehicle to ensure that it’s capable of handling the weight of your trailer.

Exceeding the maximum towing capacity can result in dangerous handling, insufficient braking performance, or serious damage to the vehicle’s suspension, engine and drivetrain.

In addition, make sure your trailer hitch is capable of handling your trailer’s loaded weight. Your hitch should be labelled with the maximum trailer and maximum tongue weights it can safely support.

Depending on the weight of your trailer, you should also follow your owner’s manual’s recommendations regarding the use of weight carrying or weight-distributing hitches.

Don’t assume all versions of a certain model line share identical tow ratings. Towing capacities can differ by body styles, bed lengths, drivelines and other equipment installed on the vehicle.

Likewise, different hitch designs can handle different weights. Particular designs may be required for trailers over a specific weight. Always check the owner’s manual for the vehicle’s towing capacity.

If you plan on carrying extra cargo or several passengers, make sure you’re not overloading the tow vehicle. Refer to the gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating assigned to your vehicle to ensure your loaded vehicle does not exceed the manufacturer’s rating.

Additionally, confirm that your vehicle and trailer do not exceed the gross combination weight rating (GCWR) set by the manufacturer.

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Join us next time for safety tip # 2.