YouTube Video – Introducing the 8K Silent Ride


Up to now, the 7K Silent Ride remained the largest trailer suspension of its kind. However, due to its popularity and the demands of the marketplace, the 8K Silent Ride came into being.

Check out the latest YouTube video below:

The unique combination of a metal control arm and 2 Aeon® rubber springs creates a suspension that rides smoothly with or without a load.

Furthermore, its rugged construction ensures it will stand up under the most challenging road conditions.

Even with a significant increase in capacity, a low ride height is still achievable. As a result, its low center of gravity promises maximum stability.

You’ll like this…

This easy-to-install unit gives you the flexibility to choose more options.

Things like:

  • 6” drop axles
  • choice of axle, tires, hubs and brakes
  • choice of durometer (the hardness) for the rubber jounce spring

Silent Ride suspensions are a good fit for:

  • RV trailers,
  • boat trailers,
  • car haulers and
  • utility trailers
  • any trailer on a steel or aluminum frame

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