What’s good for information, education and entertainment?


If you’re like me, reading the installation instructions doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes you need to see it done. No words. Just a short video that “says” it all in less than a minute.

We’re talking about Timbren’s YouTube channel.

You’ll be able to “crawl” under the truck and watch how the suspension works with an SES kit… loaded and unloaded.

If you’re interested, you can watch the clip on how to retrofit a trailer with the Axle-Less trailer suspension.  2 ½ minutes later, these guys make it look easy.

Take a look under the trailer and watch how the Axle-Less system works.

Compare it to the Silent Ride trailer suspension or the STI air ride system.

Learn about Timbren’s history, and why the Aeon springs work so well to keep your vehicle level and stable.

We work hard to continually add to the list of informative videos.

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