Suspension Problems? 4 Reasons You Should Install Timbren SES on Your Plow Truck

“You mean to say that your little rubber biscuits are gonna fix my suspension problems?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times over the past 20 years.

People call them “bumpers,” “rubber deals,” or just “Timbrens.” Call them what you like, the Aeon® hollow rubber spring is the heart and soul of all Timbren SES products.


Combined with advanced engineering and Timbren’s proprietary designs, the amazing properties of Aeon® hollow rubber springs have earned a most fitting declaration: “Stronger than steel, and more reliable than air.”

4 reasons you should install a Timbren SES kit on your plow truck:

  • Improved Suspension Performance

Say goodbye to squatting and bottoming out. Say hello to added stability and better ride quality – empty or loaded.

Prevent roll and sway when the hopper in the back is full. Also, keep the plow in the air instead of dragging on the pavement.

  • Easy Installation

Timbren SES kits install easily with ordinary hand tools. Most of them install in less than an hour. If you can remove a bump stop, you can install an SES kit.

  • Affordability

The installed price of a Timbren SES kit is about half of an air system. For about $200.00 US you can increase your spring rate by an additional 6,000 lbs. of weight capacity.

  • Two Incredible Warranties

There’s no need to worry. Every Timbren SES kit comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In fact, if one of our products doesn’t live up to our claims, you can return it for a full refund.

Don’t let another winter go by without at least trying one of Timbren’s little rubber biscuits SES kits! Your plow truck will thank you.