One Awesome Trailer Suspension

Strong. Durable. Equalized.

“One awesome trailer suspension”. It’s how people describe the Silent Ride. It’s what Timbren Industries had in mind when they designed it.

But just to be sure their new suspension was going to rock the trailer suspension world, they had it tested.

First, they exposed it to the harsh climate and road conditions of the Canadian north and the Australian outback.

Yep. It passed the rugged test.

Next, they took it to the University of Ontario to have it tested for ride quality at the General Motors Automotive Center for Excellence (A.C.E.).

Compared to leaf spring and rubber torsion systems, the Silent Ride suspension dramatically outperformed both.

In fact, as you can see in the graph below, Silent Ride closely resembles air when it comes to ride quality.


Not only rugged, but equalized. In other words…

Quiet and smooth.

Clanking and banging sound? Silenced.

Rough, uneven towing disappears.


Like I said, Silent Ride is one awesome trailer suspension!