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How to choose the best Timbren load-lifting springs for your truck

The focus of this short article is on load-lifting helper springs, what they are and why they’re necessary. Also, we’ll talk about how to choose the right ones for your truck.


What are load springs?


Load springs – sometimes called “load-lifters” – are helper springs designed to help carry the load. They come in different shapes and sizes designed to work with the existing suspension. Trucks and SUVs often need load-lifting springs because, typically, they’re required to carry extra-heavy loads.


Having said that, I think I should point out a couple of things:


1.  1. The name “load-lifters” is a little misleading. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not override the existing suspension. These helper springs are merely an assist. That’s why we have learned to call them “helper springs” ;-)


2.  Furthermore, load-lifters do not increase your truck’s payload, i.e., they do not change the GVWR. That’s because the gross vehicle weight rating is based on a lot more than the truck’s suspension. In fact, if you overload your truck beyond the limits set by the manufacturer, you will run the risk of cracking the frame or causing a serious accident.


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Do I really need load lifters? (problem / solution)


Here’s how to know if you need load lifters:

  • The tow vehicle is not level with the trailer
  • You’re getting a lot of body roll and sway
  • Your truck suspension is frequently bottoming out
  • The headlights are pointing up into oncoming traffic
  • You feel extra sway when changing lanes or turning corners.
  • Your steering feels "loose"


That said, here’s what load lifters can do for your suspension:


Load leveling: If your rear suspension is sagging or squatting, load-lifting helper springs are designed to prevent any sag and squat.


Stability: If your truck leans too far on corners, load-lifting helper springs reduce roll and sway.


Protection: Helper springs will protect your suspension avoiding any serious damage to the truck’s components.


Safety: Helper springs will give you more control over your loaded vehicle, increasing safety and driver confidence.


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What are the advantages / benefits of load-lifting springs?


As we said earlier, load-lifting springs are designed to assist your suspension springs. They do not replace them. Here is a list of some of the more popular spring helpers and how they can best help your truck’s suspension:


Steel helpers

Hellwig helper springs are supposed to sit on top of the leaf springs at the rear of your truck, working together with the existing suspension to keep the vehicle level under load. Hellwig helper springs are not easy to install as they require dismantling the entire suspension.


Coil assist

Coil Design helper springs mount to the U-bolts in the center of the leaf spring and attach to the frame above. They’re not worth the investment as they don’t add more than a few hundred pounds of extra capacity.


Airbag assist

Products like Air Lift and Ride Rite have been around for decades. Designed to sit between the frame and the leaf spring, they will improve the ride quality. However, these suspension helpers are expensive and fail to reduce roll and sway.


Sumo Springs are made from microcellular polyurethane. They’re limited to use with lighter loads and will not work in extremely cold temperatures.


Timbren SES Upgrades

Timbren SES upgrades are made from natural rubber, designed to replace the bump stops on trucks, vans and SUVs. Easy-to-install SES upgrades do a lot more than just reduce sag and squat:

  • They level your load
  • They stabilize your vehicle
  • They protect your suspension and other important components
  • They increase safety by providing better control over your loaded truck


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Which load-lifting helper springs are best for your truck?


If money is no object, airbag assist will provide the smoothest ride. It’s a more complicated system and will require a professional to install the many components that you will need to get maximum performance.


Sumo Springs are fairly easy to install, and the price is reasonable. However, they’re more suited to light RVs and won’t work properly in extreme weather.


Timbren SES suspension upgrades check off all the boxes when it comes to stabilizing truck campers, top-heavy Sprinter vans, and towing large trailers.


Are helper springs easy to install?


According to Timbren standards, any load-lifting helper spring that requires you disassemble the existing suspension is not considered easy to install.


The easiest products to install are Timbren SES suspension upgrades. Why are they so easy? It’s because they replace the factory bump stops. Some of their SES upgrades


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