Timbren SES Front Suspension Upgrades for Snowplows

Get Your Truck Ready for Snowplow Season with Timbren SES

Snowy weather is on the way. It’s time to get ahead of the seasonal curve by preparing now for another cold, snowy winter. Snowplows are heavy and will cause the front of your truck to sag without proper suspension upgrades. This article will show you how Timbren SES suspension upgrades give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

We’ll present you with this information by answering the following questions:

Chevy Z71 with a snowplow blade and front Trimbren SES

Why does my truck squat under the weight of a snow-plow blade?

Your truck squats because snow-plow blades are so freaking heavy! 

Snow-plow blades can weigh anywhere from 400 lbs to over 1000 lbs. Half-ton trucks typically use 6.5’ - 7’ plow blades that weigh approximately 400 lbs. Three quarter and one-ton trucks can handle snow-plow blades that are up to 8’ wide and weigh approximately 800 lbs.

Here’s the thing: Virtually every half-ton pickup has an independent suspension on the front (with the exception of the Jeep Gladiator). An independent suspension is designed for comfort, not strength. Therefore, this type of ‘wishbone’ setup isn’t designed to carry a big heavy plow. In fact, the heavier the plow, the more damage to your suspension. 

Front suspension upgrade on snowplow truck

Can squatting under the weight of a plow damage my front suspension?

Squat happens. And it’s a sure sign of potential damage to your half-ton rig.

If you already use your pickup truck for snow plowing, no doubt you’re aware of the damage it can cause. In fact, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea. Here are two good reasons you might want to think twice about using your truck as a snowplow:

  • You could destroy your transmission 

If you’ve done any research about using your half-ton or midsize truck as a snowplow, you’ve likely seen that putting a snowplow on your truck wreaks havoc on your transmission. Not using your plow correctly can cause trouble. 

  • You could damage your suspension

Believe it or not, using your half-ton or midsize pickup as a snowplow can screw up your suspension. That’s because the front of your pickup has to handle a whole lot of weight. Not only is the plowing equipment heavy, but you’ll also have to contend with the weight of the snow which will cause serious squatting – a sure sign of possible damage.

New Flash: You’d be wise to install a set of Timbren SES front suspension upgrades

Arial view of snowplow pickup

How do I prevent my truck from squatting with a snowplow attached?

Whether you use your snowplow for personal use, a landscaping business, or clearing the interstate, there is a suspension kit designed to help support your snow-plow blade. 

Pretty soon the white stuff is going to fall from the sky and plug up the roadways. Get a jump on the seasonal curve by installing a set of Timbren SES front suspension upgrades.

Timbren has a line of SES products meant to be used as suspension upgrades for snowplows. Timbren SES kits are the best solution to front-end sag because they:

  • Eliminate sag and squat!
  • Reduce body roll and sway
  • Absorb road shock
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Require zero maintenance

Front view of Chevy snowplow with front suspension upgrades

If my truck has torsion bars, what suspension upgrades are available? 

Front torsion bars are meant to lift the front end of your truck 1 - 2 inches. However, if they are cranked up too high, they can destroy your ride quality and actually decrease the vehicle's ability to maintain traction.

By installing either a SumoSpring upgrade or a Timbren SES suspension upgrade, you won’t need to tighten your torsion bars. A suspension upgrade will do the heavy lifting. 

SumoSpring upgrades are designed to achieve smooth ride quality. In our opinion, they aren’t as strong as a Timbren SES suspension upgrade. Here’s why:

You can’t use SumoSpring products in the Northern States and Canada. In super-cold weather, SumoSprings’ gas-infused polyurethane springs become brittle and break down. Not only that, SumoSprings aren’t meant to handle heavy-duty applications like snow-plow blades. 

Timbren SES suspension upgrades, on the other hand, are made of natural rubber and work well in all kinds of weather, and virtually in every circumstance and application.

Front suspension upgrades by Timbren SES

Will these suspension upgrades change ride quality when the plow is off?

After the plow is removed, the Timbren SES upgrades should remain in full contact with the lower control arm of the front suspension. Due to the weight of the engine, your truck’s ride quality will remain the same. 

If you use the plow only once a year, you can remove the Timbren SES upgrades if you wish and reinstall them the following year.

Front suspension upgrade by Timbren SES installed

What makes Timbren front suspension upgrades the best plowing option?

Choosing Timbren SES upgrades for your plow truck is a no-brainer! Here’s why:

  • Easy installation: If you know how to remove a bump stop, you can install an SES kit. Some are so easy all you do is pry the bump stop out of its cup and replace it by popping the Aeon spring up into the same cup.
  • Zero maintenance: Unlike air spring helpers, SES upgrades do not require any upkeep. If you purchased the appropriate kit for your vehicle, the rubber springs last the life of your vehicle.
  • Eliminate squatting: It doesn’t take much to cause today’s pickups to squat. Timbren SES upgrades are designed to keep your vehicle level even under the heaviest loads.
  • Increase stability: A truck that doesn’t sit level has problems with stability. Not only do Timbren upgrades level the load, they reduce roll and sway for loaded vehicles.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Every Timbren SES kit comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • 100-Day Money Back Guarantee: Here’s the kicker! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

For more information on Timbren SES upgrades, please visit www.timbren.com and Timbren SES or contact customer service sales@timbren.com