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The Helper Spring Solution to Your Truck Sagging and Swaying

This short article focuses on the Ford Maverick and its place in the truck market. It’s smaller and lighter than the Ford Ranger which helps fill a current need for compact trucks. As it is obviously a light duty vehicle, we’ll focus on the sag and squat factor while under max load. We’ll also talk about the independent suspension design that can be upgraded with a Timbren SES suspension upgrade to increase stability and prevent sag, sway, and roll.

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Maverick Towing Trailer with SES Suspension Upgrades

Which trucks compete with the Ford Maverick? 

If you’re old enough, you may remember the Ford Maverick from the 1970s. Back then, it was an unassuming, compact car. This year, Ford has revived the name ‘Maverick’ to resemble a small pickup truck – priced as low as $19,995 US – part of a new class of vehicles with a few competitors named below:

Hyundai Santa Cruz. Starting price: $25,735 to $41,465

Honda Ridgeline. Starting price: $39,435 to $46,865

Jeep Gladiator. Starting price: $38,765 to $55,675

Chevrolet Colorado. Starting price: $27,230 to $44,345

GMC Canyon. Starting price: $28,595 to $44,395

Nissan Frontier. Starting price: $29,985 to $38,390

Profile of Maverick with Trailer

What is the Ford Maverick’s payload and towing capacity?

Towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can tow when pulling a trailer. In other words, towing capacity is the maximum weight allowed for your trailer.

Payload is the maximum cargo weight allowed in the bed of your truck.

The Maverick has a towing capacity of 2000 lbs and a payload capacity of 1500 lbs. For customers who order the additional 4K towing package, there is a 4000 lbs towing capacity limit. This higher limit is only offered with the gas 2.0L EcoBoost engine. 

Note: Even though Timbren SES suspension upgrades will reduce sag and squat, no amount of additional help can increase the payload or towing capacity set by the manufacturer.

Maverick with a 4-wheeler in tow

Does squatting hurt your truck?

Even though you may be within the recommended payload and towing capacity, your truck’s rear suspension is going to sag and squat. This may not damage your truck initially, but over time, you’ll be faced with unnecessary repairs to your suspension. 

If your truck or vehicle shows rear end sag when towing a trailer or hauling a heavy load, it’s important to find a proper solution - like a Timbren SES suspension upgrade

that will keep your vehicle level. Truck sag (also referred to as truck squat) is the visible effect of payload on the rear end axle, causing the nose of the vehicle to shoot upward while the back end tilts downward. Some truck owners underestimate the severity of driving a vehicle in this condition because the handling dynamic of your vehicle will suffer greatly.

unistalled Timbren SES Rubber Spring Upgrades for 2022 Ford Maverick

Why is truck sag & squatting dangerous?

Here are some dangerous side effects caused by rear-end sag:

  1. The front end of the vehicle has been raised which impacts the braking and steering
  2. Braking distance is increased because the ability to stop has been compromised
  3. Steering feels loose because the front tires have reduced traction
  4. Misaligned steering leads to increased tire wear and lower gas mileage
  5. Driving with vehicle sag, you’ll likely feel stressed, often overcompensating with corrective steering. 

When the Maverick is at max capacity for hauling or towing, what can be done to prevent sag and squat?

If you have managed to stay within the weight parameters for the Ford Maverick set by the manufacturer, you’re still going to experience sag and squat. In other words, the rear-end is likely to sit lower than the front-end which will impact your ability to control the truck.

The new Ford Maverick pickup features an independent, strut-type suspension with coil springs. If you’re not interested in air springs that fit inside your existing coil springs, you will be pleased to know that Timbren SES has a simple solution for this car-like suspension. Although Timbren SES suspension upgrades usually replace the existing bump stops, the newly designed Timbren upgrade easily bolts to the lower control arm.

installed Timbren SES Kit with rubber springs

How does a Timbren SES kit make towing safer?

Unlike air bags that can leak air, Timbren SES products don’t rely on an air-supply system. A Timbren SES suspension upgrade is bulletproof because every SES kit uses rubber spring technology instead of an air system. 

Timbren SES upgrades have certain characteristics that help to keep the truck level while towing. This is important if you want to maintain stability and control. Furthermore, these upgrades absorb road shock helping to maintain better ride quality.

Ford Maverick Splashign through puddles

Why are Timbren SES suspension upgrades great for towing and hauling?

Truck sag and squat is dangerous. Our easy-to-install rubber springs provide a new solution for the old problem of sag and squat while towing and hauling. 

Timbren offers you the best of both worlds with our SES rubber suspension upgrades: Added stability and great ride quality. For more information check out our SES kits for Ford Maverick.