Having trouble with your utility trailer? | Get A Timbren Axle-Less Suspension

Does your trailer bounce around too much, especially when it’s unloaded? 

There’s a way to fix that. Now you can transform your utility trailer from ‘loud and bouncy’ to quiet and smooth. Imagine that you’re able to transform a gravel road full of potholes to one that’s freshly paved. 

Most utility trailers come with the standard leaf-spring suspension. Leaf spring suspensions have been around since horse-and-buggy days. For the past 100 years, modern designs have been introduced for trucks and trailers. 

But despite all the improvements, the problem of the empty utility trailer remains unsolved.

Think about it...

Have you ever noticed how your utility trailer suddenly sounds very noisy and acts erratically when towed without a load? What would you give to have this irritating trailer chaos silenced? 

Roads aren’t always smooth as silk. There are thousands of potholes that are just waiting to beat on your trailer and tow vehicle. 

The 21st century has seen some amazing developments for truck and trailer suspensions. One of them is the Axle-Less trailer suspension. Originally designed for off-road use, this major advancement is perfect for on-road use as well.

The unusual design of the Axle-Less allows it to mimic the performance of an independent suspension. Suddenly, your utility trailer rides quiet and smooth, whether loaded or unloaded. 

You may have thought that the Axle-Less trailer suspension is great for off-road use only. 

Think again...

The Axle-Less trailer suspension is guaranteed to convert your unloaded utility trailer to the ranks of near perfection. Say goodbye to the chaos. Say hello to orderly, peaceful towing.

Experience all of this and more when you choose the easy-to-install Axle-Less trailer suspension. For more info on the Axle-Less, click here, or visit Timbren.com

Watch the short video below on the advantages of the Axle-Less suspension.