Video Tutorial: How to Install Axle-Less Suspension on a Trailer | Timbren

Video Tutorial: Steps on Installing Your New Timbren Axle-Less Suspension

screnshot of how to install axle-less suspension on trailer tutorial video

We met up with Arcworxs in Bozeman, Montana to catch an inside look at how they installed the Axle-Less trailer suspension to their new off-road trailer. Check out this DIY tutorial and see for yourself detailed instructions to install an Axle-Less trailer suspension on your own.

Here are the basic steps as demonstrated in the video:

  1. Make sure the trailer frame is perfectly square.
  2. Bolt outboard arms onto corresponding control arms using fasteners supplied.
  3. Install hangers to frame using proper steps: 
    • Mark frame rails where the centreline of spindles should cross frame.
    • Clamp hangers to frame making sure centre of spindles line up with marks on each frame rail. Confirm measurements are equal.
    • Bolt hanger side plate to frame using holes in the hanger side plate as a template.
    • Drill horizontal holes through the side of the frame. Use 5/8” UNC (grade 5 minimum) bolts, lock nuts, and washers to mount hangers to frame. 
  4. Adjust for proper camber and toe.
  5. There are two options for frame reinforcement:
    • Bolt a reinforcing bracket to the inside of the frame (as suggested in video).
    • Weld or bolt a cross member to the hanger.
  6. Install brake or idler hub to spindle. (Follow details in video)

Check out this DIY tutorial and see for yourself how you can install an Axle-Less trailer suspension for yourself.