Suspension Upgrades for Work Trucks | Taking Care of Your Suspension

Suspension Upgrades and Helper Springs Keep Her From Limping Home

All trucks do stuff, but not all trucks do work-truck stuff. If you own a work truck, you will need to pay closer attention to its maintenance than you would if it was for personal use. As your work truck racks up the miles, day by day, it will age much quicker than regular use. Let’s talk about how to take care of your investment to not only avoid costly repairs but guarantee its longevity.

leafspring on the suspension of a work truck

What wears out first on a work truck?

The parts that wear out first on any truck or car are the components that are subject to a lot of wear and tear. This means anything connected to the suspension: springs, shocks, struts, joints/bearings/bushings, control arms, strut rods, sway bar and bump stops. Wheels/tires are also considered part of the suspension.

Without question, tires are going to wear out first because they are subject to the most wear and tear. Also, If the work truck carries large loads, the springs and shocks are going to feel the abuse. Without proper care, a truck that doesn’t sit level can cause unnecessary stress to the rest of the suspension.

Here are 8 simple ways to make your truck last longer:

  1. Your owner’s manual

Inside the glove box of every purchased car is an owner’s manual. Consider this your bible for taking good care of your car. Ignore it and you could be sent to car repair hell. 

  1. Regular oil changes

Oil is the lifeblood of the car. It pumps through your engine and keeps it lubricated and cooled. Regular oil changes are Maintenance 101, and your owner’s manual will usually tell you when it’s time to get it changed. 

  1. Check all fluid levels

Oil isn’t the only vital fluid in the car engine you need to be mindful of. There’s brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid to name a few 

  1. Regular tire inspection

Monitor and maintain correct tire pressure as well as tread wear on your four wheels. 

technician measuring tire treads

  1. Replace the truck’s filters regularly

There are air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. Your owner’s manual will tell you when it’s time to replace a filter.

  1. Drive smoothly and safely

Driving smoothly will minimize wear on your vehicle, save fuel, increase the longevity of your car, and most importantly, keep you safe.

  1. Be proactive in getting repairs

Postponing car repairs could result in serious malfunctions, not to mention, an incredibly high service bill. Don’t ignore the warning signs of a mechanical problem. 

  1. Proper spring helpers

The average truck doesn’t come equipped with a suspension able to handle heavy loads on a regular basis.

Chevy work truck towing other Chevy trucks

What are the best base model trucks for work?

The following list includes the best class 2a trucks (1500) for 2022. Number 1 on the list is considered the most expensive while number 6 is the least expensive:

  1. Nissan Titan – priced at $38,145.00 US
  2. Toyota Tundra – priced at $37,645.00 US
  3. Ram 1500 – priced at $36,195.00 US
  4. Ford F150 – priced at $31,335.00 US
  5. GMC Sierra – priced at $29,295.00 US
  6. Chevy Silverado – priced at $28,195.00 US

Ford F350 Slingback Towtruck

What upgrades should I consider for my work truck?

New Tires Designed for The Task

If your truck is going to visit construction sites or drive off-road, there are tire upgrades that will provide better traction. Off-road tires are designed to navigate rough terrain and muddy conditions.

Suspension helpers: Rubber Helper Springs and Suspension Upgrades

If you’re planning to tow a 5th wheel or haul heavy loads, suspension upgrades and rubber helper springs are highly recommended.

Body armor

If your job takes you way off-road, you’d be wise to consider a front bumper/grill guard, a winch, and a skid plate for protection in the wild.

Roof rack

Garden and landscape maintenance companies carry a lot of tools to every job site. If that’s you, you’re going to need a roof rack for ladders and lumber.

Truck box

For security and safety, install a truck box onto the bed of your pickup. Make sure it has a lock for all your valuable tools and personal items.

Sever service rubber Timbren bumpstop - heavy duty

Who has the best suspension upgrades? Why would you choose Timbren?

There are basically three types of spring upgrades for your suspension.

Metal Spring Helpers

Metal helper springs are usually the add-a-leaf type. This easy-to-install design fastens to your existing leaf springs. They can add an additional 500 lb. to the spring rate of the suspension.

Airbag Spring Helpers

Airbag spring helpers usually replace the existing bump stops located on the frame of the vehicle. Installation is not easy as there are many components that take much longer to complete. Airbag systems can add up to 5,000 lb. to the spring rate of your suspension.

Rubber Spring Helpers

Timbren’s hollow rubber springs usually replace the existing bump stops. Most installations take less than 30 minutes. You can watch Andrew installing one of our Timbren SES kits. Timbren SES kits are popular with owners of pickups because they can add up to an additional 12,000 lb. of load-leveling capacity.

*Important Notice: None of these upgrades increase your vehicle's GVWR. You should not exceed the maximum limit of your vehicle's stock GVWR.

Timbren SES kits are the biggest bang for your business buck providing you with:

  • Better load leveling
  • Reduced roll and sway
  • Smooth ride quality - loaded or unloaded

For more information on Timbren SES, click here.

Single convoluted heavy duty rubber helper springs - Timbren Severe Service SES