Timbren Axle-Less HD Suspensions | CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH

Introducing something completely different in off-road suspensions!

The Axle-Less trailer suspension was engineered to solve a specific problem: Rugged off-road terrain. The design is unusual. You could say it’s a little bit out of the ordinary. But we’re confident you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that...

The Axle-Less HD trailer suspension is your ticket to an amazing off-road adventure!

Absolutely every effort has been made to ensure that the Axle-Less HD suspension is strong enough to withstand the abuse of the most challenging trails. In fact, it’s the only suspension that can guarantee safe passage no matter where you decide to take your trailer.

The exclusive combination of Aeon® rubber spring technology and Timbren’s unique independent suspension design is nothing short of genius. The Axle-Less suspension meets a much higher standard in efficiency, quality, and originality.

Worried that your trailer will hold you back on your next amazing camping adventure? Don’t be. It’s time you discovered the freedom of the Axle-Less trailer suspension from Timbren.