Slide-in Camper Suspension Solution

Slide-In Camper Too Hard to Handle?

Stop white-knuckling it while you’re on vacation. It’s time to stabilize your suspension!

Slide-in campers are the affordable alternative to travel trailers and motorhomes. But like any other camper, there are potential safety issues that must be addressed.

Slide-in campers, especially the cab-over type, are top-heavy. This causes severe side-to-side sway, and in worst-case scenarios, roll-over accidents. Additionally, your pickup is going to “squat” in the rear placing undue stress on the truck’s suspension.

Fortunately, these are problems that the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System can solve.

Timbren’s severe-service kits are designed to keep your full-size pickup level at all times. Not only that, severe-service kits prevent roll and sway, giving you a safe, comfortable ride no matter where you go.

Timbren SES solutions provide better ride quality, added stability, easy installation, and zero maintenance. And all this is backed by a lifetime warranty and a customer-satisfaction guarantee.

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