The Squeaky Detail Story

Introducing Squeaky Detail, a recent start-up located in Indianapolis. They provide mobile detailing for much of the Indianapolis area.

Between the two owners, they have worked in the industry for 8 years. Wanting to bring something new to the table, they started Squeaky Detail about two years ago.

Jake, one of the owners, gave us a brief description of an average day:

“Today’s a pretty busy day. We’ve got a new client to meet with first thing. Then we’ll be doing a few trucks and a car. But every day is different, ranging from interiors to exteriors, washing to waxing and shampooing carpets.

“Some of our biggest jobs involve entire fleets of semi-trailers or dealerships where we’re tackling upwards of 20 cars. Often, we have to take two vans loaded with equipment ranging from water tanks, generators, shampooing machines, pressure washers and bins of chemicals.

“Typically, one load can weigh an additional 2,000 pounds.”

They knew they could load their vans right to the limit and still maintain good safety and stability. Jake explains how they do it:

“We’ve been running Timbren for about a year now. SES products help eliminate the sag on the big jobs. It really ensures that my vehicle can handle the load safely.

“And the kit only took 30 minutes to install. It just bolts right on, easy as can be. Right from the start, they’ve been virtually maintenance-free.

SES kits feel safe, firm, and really gives us the confidence to be able to handle more. With the added weight in the van, it helps reduce that sway and roll feeling… It really stabilized our ride!”

We asked them how they felt about being in business during these challenging times:

“We’re really excited about our future. There’s so much room to grow. We want to take on bigger jobs with more equipment – always pushing Timbren suspension helpers to the limit.”