Anatomy of an Aeon® Rubber Spring – Part 3

Aeon® rubber spring: Double convoluted

An Aeon® rubber spring comes in many shapes and sizes: some round, some rectangular, and some wedge-shaped.

Round Aeon® springs come single, double and triple convoluted.

Characteristics of an Aeon® rubber spring

Aeon® Rubber Springs have unique features such as:

  • Variable Spring Rate
  • Self-Damping Properties
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Simple Application

As the image above suggests, we’re going to talk about round, double-convoluted, hollow rubber springs.

Double Convoluted rubber spring

Double-convoluted Aeon® springs offer the widest selection of ride quality and load capacity.

In fact, the self-damping properties of any Aeon® spring are most noticeable with the double-convoluted Aeon® springs.

Perfect balance

Because of their longer deflection curve, fabricators specify double-convoluted springs. That’s because double convoluted springs deliver the perfect balance of ride quality, load capacity and roll stability.

Furthermore, the longer deflection curve of the double-convoluted rubber spring demonstrates why they deliver an equal blend of stability and comfort.

In other words, a longer deflection curve results in a less aggressive response to the load. (see below)

In conclusion, double-convoluted Aeon® springs are used in most of the Timbren SES rear-axle kits to maximize ride quality and roll stability.

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