Goodbye Suspension Sag

Is it possible to get rid of suspension sag and still have a smooth, comfortable ride? You bet!

Timbren SES kits have special Aeon® springs that take care of suspension sag. They also soak up all of those bumps in the road, making your ride smooth and steady when you tow or carry heavy stuff.

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Install To Haul in under 30 minutes

Did you know that Timbren SES kits are super easy to install? You don't need to go to a fancy shop; you can do it right in your driveway!

Most of our SES kits can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Plus, installing them is a breeze, and you won't need a lot of tools. We've tried to make it as hassle-free as possible!

Have the Timbren SES setup on both my 2017 Nissan Titan and 2021 GMC Sierra. Works fantastic under any type of load, including towing my travel trailer. Love the product!

Josh Zartman

This is a first-class company with first-class products and first-class people. Thanks Timbren, proud to have your product under my vehicle.

Craig Tyson

I gotta say, I done Timbrens instead of bags, would never choose otherwise. Timbrens are phenomenal

Tory Duncan

Third truck, same Timbren blocks, no issues. No ca-chunka, nice firm suspension under load, great with no load!

Robert Crosby

I put a set in my 2020 F350. My truck was always loaded with tools for work. Never had an issue.

Cory Burkin

We've Got Your Back - Lifetime Warranty

Unlike other helper spring products that come with tricky warranties and lots of hard-to-understand rules, Timbren is different. We offer a lifetime warranty on every Timbren SES kit.

If you're not happy, we want to make it right. And if our team can't find a way to fix it for you, you can return your Timbren product and get your money back within the first 100 days of buying it. We're here to make sure you're satisfied!

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