Timbren SES

SES Suspension Upgrades provide superior suspension performance under the stress of heavy loads.

Each one of our patented Aeon® rubber springs is engineered to absorb road shock providing comfort and stability.

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Timbren Kit SES

Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System Aeon Rubber Spring


Our SES Suspension Upgrades have unique features to benefit your truck, van or SUV.

  • Improves Ride & Handling
  • Eliminates Trailer Sway & Roll
  • Easy Installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

Steel Components

All of our steel brackets are laser-cut before they’re painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.

Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System steel components

Keep Your Vehicle Level

Put an end to unnecessary stress on your suspension. Get rid of the squat, the rough ride… and headlights aimed too high. Level out the load (and reduce your stress) with Timbren SES upgrades.

Save Time & Money

Fixing your suspension problems doesn’t get any easier… to save time and money! Installation of a Timbren SES upgrade takes less than an hour. The installed price of a Timbren SES upgrade is about 1/2 the cost of the average air-ride system.

Towing & Hauling

Avoid the disappointment when your rear suspension drops severely when you first hook up your new trailer. Timbren SES upgrades will level out your tow vehicle and stabilize the load.


Don’t let the front end squat when the plow is mounted. Protect your suspension and improve performance with Timbren SES upgrades.

Slide-In Campers

Today’s trucks provide a great ride when empty, but sag and sway under the weight of a slide-in truck camper. Timbren “Severe Service” SES upgrades are designed specifically for truck campers.

SUV's & Vans

Want to gain better performance for your SUV? Timbren SES suspension upgrades provide both excellent ride quality and more stability even under the toughest loads.


The heavy body mass of the average motorhome can cause dangerous sway and instability. Timbren SES upgrades eliminate roll and sway, improve steering and create a safe-driving environment.

Work Trucks

The constant load of heavy equipment puts a major stress on your truck’s suspension. Protect your suspension with Timbren SES upgrades.

HD Trucks

Huge loads placed on HD trucks can often damage the average leaf and air suspension. Protect your suspension with Timbren SES upgrades.

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  • Joel Isaac

    I've put a Timbren SES kit on 2 different RAM 1500 trucks and would never tow anything without them ever again.

    RAM 1500 - Joel Isaac