So… what’s with the spacer?

Q. The kit I bought comes with a spacer that looks like an over-sized hockey puck. What is it for, and when do I use it?

A.  . For instance, some kits come preassembled. For obvious reasons, no spacer is included. But a number of SES kits that fit a vehicle with a straight axle, i.e. pickup trucks, include it.

For some reason, not all trucks have the exact same distance between frame and axle. Therefore, some require the spacer while others do not.

Below is an installation instruction sheet that clearly identifies each component found in the box. Item # 5 (part # A25722-90P00) installs just above the rubber spring (item # 6) and the metal bracket (item # 4).

You will also notice that there are 2 different-length bolts. The shorter bolt is used when the spacer is not included. Of course, the longer bolt is used when it is included.

You will also notice the first note in the instruction column: “Use rubber washer # 5 and bolt # 7 to achieve desired ride height.”

Here’s the thing…

If you have too much space between the rubber spring and the axle, you will need to use the spacer along with the longer bolt. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough space, then leave it out and use the shorter bolt.

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