Drop Down Suspension: A moving experience

Ever wondered how a portable toilet or concession stand got to its destination?

Maybe not… but I think you might be interested in this unusual drop down trailer suspension.

Timbren Industries got involved when one of their customers called up with an odd request. The trailer they proposed – designed to transport several toilets – needed a suspension that allowed the frame to drop down to ground level.

Okay, this was going to require a little more ingenuity than a simple drop axle. The suspension would have to fold away, just like the landing gear of a jet right after takeoff.

Hmmm… Well, something like that!

So, the engineers at Timbren got busy designing a suspension that would fold away. After all, the trailer had to lower itself to the ground.

In simple terms, the suspension is comprised of 1) a frame bracket, 2) a swing bracket, 3) an Aeon® spring, 4) a control arm, 5) a locking pin.

Using the locking pin, the swing bracket can be positioned in one of two ways: one for transit, and one for drop-down.

“Drop Down” position folds the suspension away, allowing the trailer frame to rest on the ground.

Our newly developed drop down independent rubber suspension has a load capacity of 8000 lbs per suspension (a 10,000 lb. version of the same suspension is also available). It can be used as a single axle or tandem (for a total of 16,000 to 20,000 lbs)

Because it has no cross member or axle below the frame, the trailer frame can be lowered to the ground.

See below how the drop-down suspension looks in transit mode (first image) and in drop-down mode (second image).

For further info on the Drop Down commercial suspension, please contact customer service:  sales@timbren.com