Anatomy of an Aeon® Rubber Spring: Rectangular

Timbren’s Aeon® springs provide a reliable alternative to metal and air springs. Aeon® springs improve suspension performance both as a sole suspension and as a spring helper.

As you can see, Aeon® hollow rubber springs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are round, some are rectangular and some are wedge-shaped.

Round Aeon® springs come single convoluted, double convoluted and triple convoluted.

Aeon® Rubber Springs have unique features such as:

  • Variable Spring Rate
  • Self-Damping Properties
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Superior Ride Quality
  • Simple Application

Today, we’re going to focus on rectangular hollow rubber springs.

Rectangular Aeon@ Springs

At Timbren Industries, size matters. The bigger trucks require bigger springs. The North American trucking industry has relied on our rectangular springs to stabilize highway trucks and trailers for over 50 years.

A rectangular Aeon® spring is like using 2 round Aeon® springs side by side. Therefore, the numbers on the deflection curve for a rectangular spring are 2-3 times that of a round Aeon® spring of the same height.

Because of their strength and stability, rectangular springs are used to help stabilize air ride suspensions and prevent broken leaf springs on big rigs. That’s why we say…

Aeon® springs are stronger than steel, and more reliable than air.