The Birth of Silent Ride

You’ve heard the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” right?  If that’s true, then the birth of the Silent Ride was inevitable.

Why Silent Ride?

For the longest time, a gap existed between the affordable trailer suspensions like leaf and torsion axle, and the more-expensive air ride. However, if air ride wasn’t an option for you, you had to accept the alternative: The cheaper and less-cheerful ride of torsion axle.

Clearly, there weren’t enough options.

Here at Timbren we asked ourselves: How can we provide an alternative suspension that rides like air but without the cost?

We believe that the Silent Ride suspension fills that gap.  This simple, cost-effective trailer suspension outperforms rubber torsion, while providing ride quality similar to air!

Its unique design of metal and rubber is nothing short of genius. The combination of a metal control arm and 2 Aeon® rubber springs creates a suspension that rides smoothly and stands up under the most challenging conditions.

Up until now, single-axle suspension capacities have ranged between 2000 – 7,000 lb. 

The new single axle 8K Silent Ride suspension delivers the same advantages as the earlier 7K with a number of added benefits:

Low ride height

By using 6” drop axles, the ride height remains less than 15” clearance from frame to ground. This gives you a low center of gravity, improved stability not to mention easy loading and unloading.

Modular assembly

Axle seats are bolt-on giving you more options for choosing an axle. You also have more choice regarding tires, hubs and brakes.

High Durability

Aeon® rubber spring technology provides a better ride and absorbs road shock. Like all Timbren products, the Silent Ride suspension is virtually maintenance free.

If you want your trailer suspension to have an air-like ride but with a conventional price tag, then your logical choice is Timbren’s Silent Ride.