Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ


We can compare Timbren SES with an air bag system in at least seven ways:

  • Ride Quality:

Air bags must always be inflated to the recommended level of pressure – whether loaded or unloaded. This will affect the unloaded ride quality.

Big loads require maximum air pressure. However, the ride quality decreases as the air pressure increases.

SES upgrades don’t engage unloaded. Consequently, the empty ride remains unaffected. And with a load – even a large load – the SES upgrades adjust automatically, supplying a soft, cushion ride.

  • Stability:

Air bags will level the load as long as the air pressure matches the load requirement. Big loads become unstable because the leveling valves can’t adjust quickly enough to uneven road conditions.

SES upgrades eliminate roll and sway – even with the heaviest loads.

  • Reliability:

Air bags have a lot of moving parts. Compressors, air valves and air bags. If any one of these parts malfunctions, you lose the benefit of the air bag system.

SES upgrades will never leak because they don’t need compressed air.

  • Ease of use:

Air bags require adjustments to match the load. Frequent inspections will ensure the entire system remains in good working order.

SES upgrades require zero maintenance. Install ‘em and forget about ‘em!

  • Ease of installation:

Air bags take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours to install.

SES upgrades take less than an hour.

  • Price:

The installed price of an SES upgrade is about 1/2 the installed price of an air bag system. (An air compressor is in addition to the air bag set up.)

  • Warranty:

Air bags come with a limited lifetime warranty plus $10.00 shipping fee.

SES upgrades come with two of the best warranties in the industry – 1) Lifetime warranty 2) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. (And no freight charges)

Are there any advantages to Timbren SES over Air bags?

You be the judge!