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Nissan Titan: Looking for best rear suspension upgrades for your Nissan Titan?


What do we mean when we refer to suspension upgrades? What exactly are suspension upgrades? This short article will discuss the most popular upgrades used on pickup trucks and suggest which ones are best for your Nissan Titan.


What are suspension upgrades?


In order to understand what a suspension upgrade is, you’ll need to be familiar with the main components of a suspension in which there are seven:

  • Springs
  • Wheels/Tires
  • Shock absorbers
  • Rods
  • Bearings and bushings
  • Steering system
  • Frame


A suspension upgrade could involve any of these parts listed above. The suspension provides you with a certain level of stability, comfort, and control. If any of these advantages need to be modified, any related component(s) must be upgraded.


Most suspension upgrades involve springs and shocks. Springs and shocks work together in order to soften the ride and control the bounce. A really good upgrade can both improve the ride and add stability.


Depending on the type of springs found on your vehicle’s suspension, this could involve a number of options. Among the most popular suspension upgrades, there are basically three:


These three types of upgrades are considered ‘auxiliary’ springs. Instead of replacing the standard suspension installed at the factory, they are designed as a spring assist. Virtually every upgrade – at the very least – is designed to keep your truck level, absorb road shock, and improve overall stability.


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Why would my Nissan Titan need a suspension upgrade?


Earlier on, we mentioned some of the benefits of suspension upgrades. If you’re not aware that you need a suspension upgrade for your truck, then you’re probably not aware of any towing and hauling problems. Be that as it may, here’s how you can know if you need a suspension upgrade. Have you noticed the following?

  • The tow vehicle is not level with the trailer
  • You’re getting a lot of body roll and sway
  • Your truck suspension is frequently bottoming out
  • The headlights are pointing up into oncoming traffic
  • You feel extra sway when changing lanes or turning corners
  • Your steering feels "loose"


That said, here’s how a suspension upgrade can help your suspension:


Load leveling: If your suspension is sagging or squatting under a load, helper springs are designed to keep the truck level under load.


Stability: If your truck leans too far on corners causing you to slow down, helper springs reduce roll and sway.


Ride quality: If your truck porpoises while loaded on rough roads, helper springs can smooth out the ride by absorbing road shock.


Protection: Helper springs will protect your suspension avoiding any serious damage to the vehicle.


Safety: Helper springs will give you more control over your loaded vehicle, increasing safety and driver confidence.


Instead of asking “Why would I need a suspension upgrade?” you need to ask yourself, “Why not?”


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Where is the best place to install a suspension upgrade?


If you have no tools or skills related to modifying a truck’s suspension, we recommend that you have your suspension upgrades installed by a professional. Because if they’re not installed properly, you could lose control of your vehicle. 


If, on the other hand, you have the tools and the skills to modify the suspension, you only need to know where the helper springs are supposed to be installed. 


The best place to install a suspension upgrade under you truck is somewhere between the frame and the axle (assuming your truck has factory leaf springs). All three of the suspension helpers mentioned above - add-a-leaf, air bags, and hollow rubber springs - install between the frame and the axle.


One of the suspension upgrades we recommend is Timbren SES suspension upgrades. On your Nissan Titan, part # NRTTNB replaces the factory bump stops on the frame.


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What are the best suspension upgrades for my Nissan Titan?


Here are three of the most popular suspension helper springs on the market today: 


Let’s compare and see which one is best:


Add-a-leaf products (like SuperSprings) help to level the load. Unfortunately, they cost about $600.00 US for the pair. And they’re capacity is limited to approximately 4,000 lbs additional.


Air bag products (like Air-Lift) help to level the load but they’re expensive, costing anywhere from $1,000 - $1,500. And their capacity is limited to approximately 4,000 lbs additional.


Now let’s compare SuperSprings and Air-Lift with Timbren SES suspension upgrades:


Timbren SES - part # NRTTNB - retails for approximately $300.00 and provides up to 6,000 lbs of additional capacity. Without question, we recommend Timbren SES suspension upgrades for your Nissan Titan.


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Are Timbren SES upgrades the best choice?


Above, we compared Add-a-leaf products & Air bags to Timbren SES suspension upgrades.


So, which one of the three is best?


A quick observation suggests that Timbren SES suspension upgrades have the best price and the most capacity. And if you were to take a closer look, you’d notice that Timbren SES wins big points for:

  • best ride quality loaded or unloaded
  • best added stability
  • best warranty


So, just in case you missed it, we highly recommend Timbren SES suspension upgrades for your Nissan Titan.


Think about it: Timbren SES products have been around for over 50 years and are still the best and smartest choice hands down!


“Whether we’re towing with our Nissan Titan or our Toyota Tundra, our Timbren SES kit has been a game changer. Reduced all sag in the rear plus helps the tow rigs gain maximum control. Over a year with SES and we would never go back.”  @ClicOutdoor


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