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How to choose the right helper springs for your trailer

No matter what kind of suspension is on your trailer, there are suspension helpers available should you need them. This short article will help to explain which ones are best for your trailer. (The best ones will keep you and your trailer out of harm’s way.)


What kind of springs are on your trailer?


Leaf spring suspensions are arguably the most common and cost effective type of trailer suspension. In addition to leaf springs, some trailers may have coil springs, torsion bars, or even air springs installed in place of the leaf springs.


Leaf springs are made up of a cascading set of metal leaves that are fastened to the frame and held together by a pair of U-bolts.Over the years, they have failed to provide good ride quality.


Coil springs on a trailer are spiral shaped metal rods that wrap around a shock absorber (strut). This type of suspension doesn’t provide enough capacity for heavy loads.


Torsion springs (also known as torsion bars) rely on the twisting properties of a straight steel rod to mimic the performance of coil springs. This alternative suspension fails to provide good ride quality.


Air springs are basically round rubber cylinders filled with compressed air. Sitting between the frame and the control arm, the air inside the bag absorbs the

One such independent air ride system is Timbren’s STi Air Ride Suspension System.


Does your trailer really need helper springs?


Let’s assume that your trailer has a leaf spring suspension. A couple things could be happening:


  1. Trailer is leaning when loaded
  2. Too much sag & squat
  3. Dangerous roll & sway


Towing a trailer behind your vehicle (truck or SUV) is risky business. There is always a risk that you could end up in an accident if you’re not fully awake and able to drive carefully and cautiously.


If the trailer’s load isn’t balanced properly, you’ll be white knuckling it as you attempt to reach the speed limit for the road you’re driving down.


As long as there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the suspension, a set of helper springs can...


  1. Level the load
  2. Reduce any sag and squat
  3. Stabilize the trailer
  4. Smooth out the ride
  5. Reduce the risk of an accident


There are SES suspension helpers available through Timbren that will fit your trailer improving the ride quality and performance.


What are the advantages & benefits of helper springs?


Here is a list of some of the more popular spring helpers and how they can best help your trailer’s leaf-spring suspension:


Steel helpers

Hellwig helper springs are supposed to sit on top of the leaf springs at the rear of your truck, working together with the existing suspension to keep the vehicle level under load. Hellwig helper springs are not easy to install as they require dismantling the entire suspension.


Coil assist

Coil Design helper springs mount to the U-bolts in the center of the leaf spring and attach to the frame above. They’re not worth the investment as they don’t add more than a few hundred pounds of extra capacity.


Airbag assist

Products like Air Lift and Ride Rite have been around for decades. Designed to sit between the frame and the leaf spring, they will improve the ride quality. However, these suspension helpers are expensive and fail to reduce roll and sway.


Sumo Springs are made from microcellular polyurethane. They’re limited to use with lighter loads and will not work in extremely cold temperatures.


Timbren SES Upgrades

Timbren SES upgrades are made from natural rubber, designed to replace the bump stops on trucks, vans and SUVs. Easy-to-install SES upgrades do a lot more than just reduce sag and squat: 

  1. They level your load
  2. They stabilize your vehicle
  3. They protect your suspension and other important components
  4. They increase safety by providing better control over your loaded truck


Which helper springs are best for your trailer?


All of the helper springs listed above can help keep your trailer level while loaded. It’s really a question of stability. Do you load your trailer right to the gills? Does your trailer carry a heavy and constant load?


Then, the helper spring that will work best under any circumstance or weather condition are Timbren SES suspension upgrades. Timbren has over 50 years of experience in developing their Aeon® hollow rubber spring helpers. In fact, they are so confident in their product that they come with a no B.S. Lifetime Warranty.


Are helper springs easy to install on a trailer?


If you can remove a bump stop, you can install a Timbren SES upgrade. There are several universal-style SES upgrades available no matter what size trailer you tow – everything from small utility trailers all the way up to full-size highway trailers.


For more information on Timbren SES suspension upgrades, visit our new website at