Front Suspension Upgrades for Heavy-Duty Bumpers

90s Toyota 4Runner with Off-road Bumper and upgraded front suspension

Prevent Frontend Sag On Your Truck When Upgrading Bumpers

Plenty of benefits exist when you add aftermarket heavy-duty front bumpers to your vehicle. They provide extra protection in case you have a head-on collision, use your truck for work, have a deer-related crash, and much more. Plus, steel bumpers allow you to mount lights, winches, antenna whips, and more.

The challenge? They add weight. Steel front bumpers, on average, add 60 to 150 pounds to your truck, which may be more than your suspension can effectively handle—especially if you’ve added desired accessories along with your heavy front bumpers. Without sufficient suspension enhancements, your vehicle may sag anywhere from half in inch to two full inches.

closeup front suspension leaf springs with rubber helper springs

As the vehicle springs can no longer handle the added weight, this will damage your vehicle’s shocks, add more wear and tear to tires, and wear down brake pads, ball joints, and more.

The solution to prevent this sag? Front suspension upgrades! This empowers you to drive safely off-road, on rough roads, and when hauling and towing heavy loads. In short, you can enhance the look and functionality of your truck effectively and efficiently with heavy-duty front bumpers.

A Look at the Suspension System

chevy truck with off-road bumper and upgraded front suspension

A truck’s suspension system is designed to keep the vehicle stable on the road with struts and shock absorbers playing that role. Springs absorb the impact of bumps and jolts that naturally happen on rough roads. When a suspension system is optimal for a vehicle and its weight, the vehicle shouldn’t shake during turning or braking and should quickly return to a stable position after going over a rough patch of road.

Manufacturers provide the suspension systems needed for new vehicles, as produced, which means that aftermarket enhancements may require more suspension power than what the truck originally required.

Key Steps to Take

Vehicle spec stickers on weight and GVWR
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Estimate how much weight you’ll add with your aftermarket heavy front bumpers and any associated accessories. Check what your manufacturer’s owner’s guide says about the weight your vehicle’s suspension can carry. Most likely, this will indicate that suspension enhancements are needed for safe and effective driving.

Then, address your front suspension upgrades before adding the heavy-duty front bumpers.

Mechanic's Note: If you’ve already added the heavy front bumpers, prioritize your suspension enhancements before any additional damage is done.

Timbren SES Front Upgrade Kits

Assembled front F350 helper sprimgs Front axle F350 suspension helper springs with hardware

Timbren SES front kits provide you with a soft, comfortable, level ride without rolling and swaying thanks to the revolutionary Aeon® rubber springs and their progressive spring rate. More specific benefits of choosing front suspension enhancement systems from Timbren include the following:

  • Reducing costly repairs once a truck wears down under a too-heavy load
  • Preventing suspension sag and vehicle squat during towing and therefore eliminating body roll and control sway
  • Snowplowing effectively when lifting the plow without worrying about front end droop
  • Increasing traction in snowy weather
  • Protecting your front-end suspension parts (whether air ride or leaf spring) when hauling heavy loads
  • Levelling your vehicle when pulling a slide-in camper
  • Improving steering and maintaining stability in RVs
  • Braking and turning corners more smoothly without brake nose diving

Front suspension upgrades enhance your vehicle’s ability to respond to turns and stops, overall even when they’re tight or fast. This naturally improves the safety of your ride. Braking ability is improved because it enhances overall stability—which in turn can allow your vehicle’s braking energy to be more evenly distributed throughout the truck.

Timbren SES front kits are easy to install and, once installed, provide immediate benefits: improved ride quality, added stability, and enhanced braking and steering. These front suspension enhancement systems have zero maintenance—and Timbren will guarantee your satisfaction and provide a lifetime warranty.

You can easily search Timbren SES front kits by year, make, model, and sub-model with front suspension upgrades available for F-Series trucks, Ram, Sierra, Tacoma and more.

Choose Timbren for the Ultimate in Suspension Enhancements

2021 Bronco with off-road bumper and upgraded suspension by Timbren

As a family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor, Timbren SES is the brand of choice for your truck suspension needs. Our upgrade kits protect you as you drive with our rubber springs helping to keep your vehicle even and stable without sagging, swaying, or squatting.

When you get your front suspension upgrades from Timbren, you know that you’re choosing suspension kits that are designed and made by true enthusiasts and industry specialists.

You can find a dealer near you here. Questions? Contact us online today!