Introducing Off Grid Trailers' Newest Design: The Switchback

off road trailer suspension

When Canadian company Off Grid Trailers (OGT) first opened their doors in 2010 during a time of growing demand for smaller, off-road trailers, their intention was to create a product that was durable, reliable and made to last. 

It meant they had to take a completely new approach.

The first thing they did was to shed the conventional aluminum-skin-over-wood-frame construction of older trailers and replace it with an all-aluminum frame. This makes it lighter as well as mold and mildew resistant.

off road trailer suspension

The original Expedition and Pando prototypes included not only an all-aluminum frame but also a ton of features and options that totally raised the off-road/overland experience up a notch or two. Both designs have since evolved to a refined 2nd-gen design.

In addition to these ongoing improvements, OGT recently introduced the newest member of their family of products: The Switchback. This appropriately named off-road trailer meets a special need in the overland community. The smaller, lightweight frame allows for more agility while on the trail.

Additionally, the tow-friendly construction – complete with its unique tent-topper layout and OGT’s usual list of options, including solar power, slide-out BBQ and Jeep-matched wheels – makes for one sweet solution for adventurers who want all the creature comforts of the original Expedition but in a smaller, lighter package.

off road trailer suspension

To give you some idea of what you can get with the new Switchback:

Standard Features

  • Two galley configurations: Switchback R – (rear) or Switchback S – (side)
  • Pro Comp 15×8.5 wheels with Pro Comp AT off-road tires
  • Timbren 3500HD Axle-Less suspension with 4-inch lift, 12-inch Electric Brakes and Hopkins break away with battery backup
  • Powder-coated aluminum body construction
  • Single 12V deep cycle group 31 battery, twin dual USB outlets and digital voltmeter display
  • LED lighting package
  • Solar ready port

Optional Features

  • Electrical package
  • Fridge size/upgrade
  • Exterior mounted Bluetooth stereo system with dual marine 6.5-inch speakers
  • 1750W modified sine or pure sine wave 1000/2000W options
  • Maxcoupler articulating hitch
  • 5x5 pattern Jeep wheel package (Pro Comp wheel, Toyo tire upgrade)
  • 23Zero roof-top tent selections
  • Water package
  • Storage package
  • Mini BBQ
  • Front storage tray
  • Spare tire
  • Stabilizing jacks
  • Portable solar
  • 23Zero awning selections

off road trailer suspension

You might have noticed that OGT uses Timbren’s 3500HD Axle-Less suspension. “HD” stands for Heavy Duty. The HD models were designed specifically for trailers that go off-road. Compared to their regular-duty counterparts, Axle-Less HD models can stand up to the increased demands of off-road/overland terrain, the kind of trails that Switchback owners will want to encounter.

off road trailer suspension

Right from the get-go, OGT did their research and eventually chose to install Timbren’s Axle-Less suspension on all their trailers, including the Switchback. Check out this video on their website and you’ll get a better idea as to why they insist on using the Axle-Less trailer suspension exclusively.

Visit Off Grid Trailers website for tons more info:

Get a closer look at the Axle-Less suspension here.